Market Guide: Sarojini Nagar


Sarojini Nagar, known as SN to its fans, is where to head if your after clothes, fabrics, handbags and jewellery.  The heart of the market is on the street, but there are shops, showrooms and emporiums all around.  It’s busy. It’s bustling.  But that’s because there are bargains to be had.

You’ll find western high street clothing brands being sold for a fraction of the price if you know where to head, as well as India fashion and loads of other stuff.  Just so you know, SN isn’t a fruit and vegetable market, so don’t come expecting to complete the family food shop.

It’s also busy.  SN isn’t a cosy affair, a market that is conducive to a quiet amble around.  It’s full on.  It’s in your face.  Dilliwalahs from all over the capital come to Sarojini Nagar.

The hawkers come too.  They are extremely eager to meet you.

If I’d bought a belt from every person that offered me one, I’d now have enough to open an international retail outlet named “Belt Warehouse.”  This imaginarily outlet would be located next to “Watch Warehouse”, another one of my imaginetry retail ventures.

If you need a break then there’s a Haldiram on the bottom floor of the multi-storey car park in South Square.  It offers some respite in air conditioned quarters.  My top recommendation though is Mahender Sweet House and Bakers.  Lovely lassi and a super selection of Indian sweets to keep your energy levels for a big shop.

There’s lots of fixed price signs, but that doesn’t mean haggling shouldn’t happen.  If you are a fresh faced foreigner SN might be too much.  You may love it straight away, but you might want to take a friend just in case.

Where is it: Sarojini Nagar is located in the South West Delhi district, off Mahatma Ghandi Marg to the west of INA.  Click here for a google map.

INA Metro station, the yellow line, is a short auto rickshaw ride away.

When is it closed: Mondays

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