Market Guide: Khan Market


The lanes of Khan Market is the place where the wealthy from across the NCR, an expatriate crowd from the diplomatic enclave and tourists from around the world tend to congregate.

Consistently ranked as one of the costliest retail spaces in India, this U shaped market has stores selling  everything from imported western food stuffs through to furnishing and clothing.

Some of India’s hottest retail stores, such as Fab India, Anohki and Goodearth, can be found displaying their wares at Khan Market.  There’s also outlets stocking high street western fashion brands dotted around the lanes.

Add in plenty of smaller fashion designers, tailors and stores selling this, that and the other, it’s no surprise that locals, expatriates and tourists come to swear by Khan Market.

Price wise, being one of the costliest retail spaces in India, it’s not going to complete with some of Delhi’s other markets.  But, you do know what you are going to get.  And you have to pay for quality, right?

To find out if it’s for you, go and check it out.  Khan Market isn’t my thing, but I can see its appeal.  For foodies, Khan market’s restaurants offer diner’s choices from the four corners of the world.  You won’t go hungry.

Many great places to choose from, for quick bites Khan Chacha’s Mutton Kakori Kebab.  is worth tucking into.  For street food, go and see Yadav’s boys and get their chole bhature. For a fine sit down meal there’s Sodabottleopenerwala, Perch and Lattitude to name just three.

Where is it:  Close to the centre of the city and the famous Lodhi Garden’s, Delhi’s finest green space.  Click here to find it on Google maps.

Khan Market Metro Station, on the violet line, is a short walk away.

When is it closed:  Officially closed on Sunday, but not all the stores shut down.  Stores shut by profession, with all the barbers closed on a Monday!

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