Market guide: Malcha Marg



This is the closest market for the diplomatic crowd living in Chanakyapuri.It’s not a market that will bowl you over, but it offers bit and pieces that make life a little bit easier.

At Malcha Marg there are phone and SIM card sellers, banks, including Standard Chartered, YES, ICICI and Canana are present, and there’s a couple of vegetable vendors and flowers sellers.  There’s also a branch of India Post.

Add in three barbers for the blokes, two taxi stands for local travel and a top notch newspaper and magazine stall run by Mrs Kambari, whose been there since 1961, and you’ll start to build a mental picture of what this market is like.

There’s an organic market held on Sundays in the car park.  Click here for more information.

The market’s is a pretty chilled out place.  No hoards and it comes with a very low – almost non-existent – hassle factor.

Food wise, eatery’s are upmarket and include Lazeez Affaire for Mughali cuisine and Amour Bistro with its French flavours.

If you are after north Indian Moti Mahal claims to offer the best butter chicken in town, whilst Sidewok serves up tasty thai treats ( and Fez takes you to the Med.

Where is it? Located off Sandar Patel Marg and Panscheel Marg.  Click here to find it on Google Maps.


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