Market Guide: Basant Lok


Basank Lok, New Delhi

Basant Lok (also known as Vasant Lok), is a wonderful place.

Bless the four storey Osaba Emporium.  It’s a stairway to heaven for household appliances and reputedly stocks 3,000 separate lines; including some decent tuppaware that I spent hours searching for when I first arrived.

There’s also some of the New Capital Region’s (NCR) best supermarket-type stores.  Le Marche and the multi-shop Modern Bazaar, located around the forever dry water fountain, make it onto my list of shops that sell a decent selection of international stuff.   There not the only ones on the complex, so do walk around and find out what suits you best.

Food shopping aside, the Lok has a branch of Benettons, and there are also beauticians, barbers, book shops and mix of other outlets.  Financial affairs are well covered with branches of HDFC, ICICI, Yes Bank and more.  HSBC closed down in late 2016 and shifted to South Extension.

If you fancy a break from shopping, Barista Coffee House, Costa Coffee and Cafe Coffee Day vie for business, but the chai walah around the back of the complex is where I head.

Entertainment wise there’s a PVR cinema.  When it comes to dining KRIPS shines out for me.  Four stars from zomato users, but it gets a high five from me.

Serving north Indian,  Krips is not the biggest or the boldest, but it does what it does really, really well.  Thai is available a Soi Thai, Chinese at Yo China , Italian at Satoria and Burgers at Dunkin Donuts

India’s first ever McDonalds is also on the complex, but whether that is something to shout about or not, should  be left to personal preference.   There’s also a Pizza Hut and a Dominos if pizza is your thing.

Finally, if you want to know what your future holds, an astrologer and palmist can be found sitting outside Canana Bank.  As you would expect, he’s only there when business is going to be brisk.

Where is it:  Close to the upmarket South Delhi Colony of Vasant ViharClick here to find it on Google maps.

When is it closed: Basant Lok doesn’t have a shut down day.  Every day is an open day at this brilliant bazaar.

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