Meet the Mughals

The Mughals are responsible for building many of the iconic architectural marvels that make India a massive draw for millions of tourists.

The Taj Mahal, Humayuns Tomb, Agra Fort and Delhi’s Red Fort, all built by Mughal rulers, are so special that make it onto the UNESCO World Heritage list.    I don’t know for sure, but I bet no other family features so prominently on the list.

In the 16th and 17th centuries the Mughal empire changed in size and shape.  Battles were fought and allegiances struck as Mughal rulers moved southward and eastward.  At its height the empire covered much of what is now India and Pakistan.

Victory didn’t come without conflict.  Life in the Mughal family was bloody. Father against son, brother against brother, the Mughal family fought one another to seize power.

Getting to know the Mughals means getting to know India that little bit better.  The legendary Bamber Gascoigne, of the BBC fame, pulls together what I reckon is the definitive guide to the Great Mughals .

Bamber somehow manages to condense 200 years of history into a documentary of just over 2 hours. The documentary is a bit dated now.  Yes, the film quality isn’t great.  But, brilliance like this doesn’t fade with time.

So, why not let Bamber Gascoigne help you get to know the great Mughals?  He was the one that made the Mughal Empire come to life for me.

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