What is eveteasing?


I’ve come into contact with many wonderful words and phrases since arriving in India.

To prepone (to bring forward) and to do the needful (to do what is requested or required by someone) have entered everyday lexicon.

Another new word that’s new to me is eveteasing.  Eveteasing may sound a wonderful, but it’s not something that I and the other males of the species should partake in.

I was going to blog about eveteasing next month, but I’ve decided to prepone it and I’m going to do the needful today.

Signs warning men about engaging in eveteasing are often found in public places, particularly on railway platforms and signs in train and metro carriages.  Eveteasing appears to be amplified when men are travelling by on the tracks.  I’ve not seen reference to eve-teasing on buses, but perhaps I should be taking a closer look.

The poster in the photograph, which went up a few weeks back in Khan Market, explains what eve-teasing is.

Eveteasing is considered a wilful and indecent exposure, indecent language or gesture, exhibition of any object or sound that intrudes on a women’s privacy or peace of mind.”

As I understand it (and I could well be wrong) a man can’t be charged by the police with engaging in eveteasing, but the offence of eveteasing is punishable under Section 294 of the Indian Penal Code.  The punishment for people found guilty under Section 294 includes fines and prison sentences.


Note – Delhi Police has a Women’s Helpline Number 1091 and a Special unit for Women and Children.    For more information on this unit click here.



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