Sucking hard and fast

IMG_1289Mother nature is smart.

When the weather is at its hottest, the mango, the king of fruits comes into season.

The streets transform as mangoes of different shapes, sizes and colours flood market stalls.  Vendors push carts selling nothing else but glorious mangoes to masses.  It’s wonderful.

The season is now a few months old.  Some of my favourites varieties have come and gone.  The relationship I have with many is brief, but it’s passionate.

The big and bulky Safeda (so lovely when blended with cooling lassi and mixed into chickpea salad), the Totapuri (the parrot mango which makes a mean iced lolly) and the humble Gujarati Kesar (a household favourite that’s good for and with everything!) have left me for another year.

Not all is lost.  There’s still some time left to eat more mango.

The Langra and Chaunsa will be with us for another month or so, and the lovely, little yellow ball of joy, the Dinga, affectionately known as the sucking one, will be with us for a few more weeks.

Slice of the top of the Dinga, stick your lips around it and start sucking.  Simple goodness.  Fun to eat and refreshes the parts of the body that no other food can hit.

For the next 3 to 4 weeks I am going to be sucking hard and fast.  I suggest you join me.

The Dinga won’t be here forever, when it’s gone, it’s gone.


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