Get to know Gandhi

Gandhi ji, also known as Bapu, Mahamta and the father of the Nation, was a civil rights activist who fought for India’s independence from the British.  He’s revered in India and around the world for good reason.

Gandhi inspired millions of ordinary Indians to stand up against British rule.  His methods, non violence and actions of mass civil disobedience, forced the British to listen.

Gandhi’s story is not a simple one that can be summed up in a sentence.  So, with the rains coming down this monsoon why not watch a movie about Gandhi ji?

Richard Attenborough’s 1982 Oscar best picture, Gandhi, is one I’ve watched.  This 2 and a half autobiography  tells the story of Gandhi far better than I can.    So sit back,  pour yourself some chai and watch the story of Gandhi ji and modern India unfold.

With India’s Independence on the 15th August now is a good time to learn more about Gandhi.


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