Street art Delhi style

Take a stroll around Lodi Colony, South Delhi, and you’ll get to see some of Delhi’s latest works of street art created by internationally acclaimed street artists.

The folks behind this creative explosion came from the St + Art India Foundation, a non-profit body that aims to make works of art accessible for everyone.  They’ve certainly done that by taking buildings and turning them into massive urban canvases.

Artists from the foundation first came to the streets of Delhi’s to do their stuff in 2014.  They’ve left an indelible mark on the capital ever since.


Maybe you’ve caught sight of some of the teams creations around Shahpurjat and Haus Khas Village, or on the sides of some of the Delhi Government’s biggest public buildings.

The now iconic gigantic portrait of Ghandi ji, which adorns the Delhi Police Headquarters building near the ITO (Income Tax Office) intersection, is the work of India’s Anpu Varkey and Germany’s Hendrik Beikirch, who both worked with the St + Art Foundation back in 2014.

Spanish pop surrealist Okuda can be found around Khan Market, or perhaps you’ve been inspired by the depiction of Indian heroine and freedom fighter, the Rani of Jhansi, by Japan’s Lady Aiko, which can be found at the intersection of Jor Bagh Road and Mehar Chand Marg.


The lanes of Lodi Colony from Second Avenue, Khanna Market, in the east, to Mehar Chand Marg in the west, Jor Bagh Road in the north and Najafkhan Road in south, take things up a level. The area is  jam packed with creations from over twenty five artists hailing from India and countries including Australia, France, Japan, Spain, the United States and Uruguay.

There are plenty of great places around Lodi Colony to duck into and get a grab bite to eat and you can shop away on Mehar Chand and Khanna Markets.

Pure Veg Ganesha on Mehar Chand Marg is top notch, whilst meat eaters won’t be disappointed by the MI Food Centre.  Just look out for the queue of people tucking into their kebabs on Mehar Chand Marg.  My tip is the malai chicken tikka.


If you’re on Khanna market and like South Indian you can’t go wrong if you go to Chidambarans, the New Madras Hotel.  If something a little more swanky is called for, then head to the main market where there’s the choice of Guppy by Ai, Tres or Ping to tickle your taste buds.

A tough choice.  I’d recommend all htree.  It just means you’ll have to head to Lodi Colony more than once to enjoy the street art and eat your way through this lot.



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