Brilliant book shops



Here’s a run down of Delhi’s finest books shops and where to find them.

Bahrisons, Khan Market

BahriSons is a Delhi institution.The shops founder, Balraj Bahri Malhotra, sadly passed away in the Spring of 2016.  He came to India from a small town in Pakistan after partition and opened the first of his stores in Khan Market in 1953.  There are now 3 BahriSons stores in Delhi.

With books stacked from floor to ceiling, Bahrisons is great for browsing.  It’s forever helpful staff offer great service too. Bahrisons Booksellers can be found opposite the Main Gate, Khan Market.  There’s a second BahriSon shop dedicated to kids in Khan Market and a third store in DLF Place, Saket.

Faqir Chand and Sons, Khan Market

Another city landmark founded by a partition refugee. Faqir Chand left behind a book store behind in Peshawar in 1931 and came to Delhi to start again.

This bookshop is now run by Faqir’s grandaughter, Mamta Marwah her husband, Anup Kumar. How the owners and staff at Faqir Chand know what is in this store I’ll never know.  Cellophane wrapped books are arranged in what appears to be a haphazard fashion, but ask for anything and it magically appears.

The book arrangement at Faqir Chand makes for a good rummage around.  You never know what you might find.  Located a few doors down from BahriSons at 15 A Khan Market.

The Bookshop at Jor Bagh

A real neighbourhood bookshop.  A gem.

It’s tucked around the corner from the main Jor Bagh parade, next to the Steakhouse.  Literary fiction of all sorts serving local people, this bookshop has a lovely loyal clientele that come back for more. Find it at 13/7 Jor Bagh Market, Jor Bagh Colony.

CMYX Bookstore

CMYX is a baby compared to city stalwarts BahriSons, Faqir Chand and the Bookshop at Jor Bagh.

A Roli books initiative, CMYK doesn’t only do books (which it does do a very comprehensive line in), the store also stocks office stationery, like pens, alarm clocks ,calculators, mini binders, photo clips and tech stuff.  There’s are also design objects like chairs from Pantone Universe and a range of gift products.

Amazon and Flipkart may be amazing for many things, but there’s something unique and special about being able to wander into a good, independent, book shop and take a look around.  Don’t you think?


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