India in TV techni-colour

IMG_0504If I was told I had the choice of only one word to describe India, colourful might be the one I’d choose.

Women, like the ladies in the photograph, wearing and washing brightly coloured saris at riverside ghats is a quintessentially Indian image.

My life back in London town was black and white, but then I moved to Delhi.  Life is now vivid. Full on techni-colour.  24/7.  365.

India is changing at pace, but its love affair with colour is isn’t going anywhere.  The colour scheme is cultural.  It’s embedded in the subcontinents DNA.

Colour in Indian culture is a massive topic, so today’s post narrows it down and takes a look at the recent past.

With Independence day around the corner, there’s no better time to pull together a post on the British Raj and the end of Empire.

Reading books and blogs has built up my knowledge, but seeing pictures and watching film adds something that words alone cannot offer.  The Empire in Colour, a fantastic BBC documentary, focuses in on India and uses rare colour video to depict what life was life in the run up to the end of Empire.

It’s well worth a watch. It’s helped me start to understand the British relationship with India.  I’ve got loads to learn, but for folk like me this video is a great starting point to see what India in colour looked like under the British Raj and what happened next.


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