Say hello to Delhi’s best biscuit makers

I know.  I know.   I’m making a bold claim, but believe me I have the evidence to back it up.  Well, I did.  Shortly after sharing the biscuits I bought from my favourite baker with friends there weren’t even any crumbs left.  Aoulia, describes itself as a super bakery.  It certainly is.


I’ve a soft spot for biscuits.  Aoulia bakery in Nizamuddin Basti knows how to exploit my weakness.

Since stumbling across this awesome bakery on one of my aimless wanders about a year back, I’ve been a loyal and very happy customer.

I’ve must have munched my way though kilos of Aoulia’s soft, sweet and crunchy biscuits by now.  If the truth be known, I’ve also taken advantage of odd cake or two as well, but it’s the biscuits that keep me coming back.

My addiction to Aoulia’s baked goods has reached the stage where I’ve given up making excuses to my wife about why I have go to Nizamuddin Basti.  I need my biscuit fix.  These boys are my dealers.  We meet at least once a fortnight so they can give me my brown bag of biscuits.

The biscuits here are so special that Aoulia has won the Namaste New Delhi’s Best Biscuit Maker of the Year Award 2016.  Yes.  A prestigious award.  They’ve faced some tough competition (I’ll blog other biscuit makers on my list another time), but time and again this tiny bakery has come up trumps.

So, you want to see the evidence?

Exhibit A: The Nan Khatai


This Nan Khatai  won’t be here long before its gone

I present a soft, sweet and fluffy biscuit on the outside, that magically firms up in the middle to deliver a cracking crunch. The combination of ghee, maida, sooji, besan and sugar is baked by the boys to perfection.

Indian tradition says that an family that eats Nan Khatai together stays together.  A family eating Aoulia’s Nan Khatai will be happy, smiling from ear to ear.  Priced at a very reasonable 140 INR a kilo. You really can’t go wrong.

Exhibit B – Come with me to coconut heaven


If you love coconuts and biscuits you’ll love me

If the Nan Khatai is not enough to convince you, then exhibit B, the sweet, simply named, coconut biscuit, is pure brilliance.

A biscuit with covered with rich desiccated coconut, that’s crunchy and crumbly at the same time, and then melts in the mouth.  It packs a punch.  Priced at just 200 INR a kilo, it’s an absolute bargain.

Exhibit C – God bless the Badam biscuit

Eaten by friends before I had chance to click a photograph, the thicker, chunkier and crunchier, Badam (Almond) biscuit makes it into my top three.

Sitting proudly on the top of each biscuit is a whole almond.  It unashamedly announces to the world that this is one nutty biscuit.

Priced at 240 INR a kilo this is the priciest biscuit in Aoulia’s range, but once again, it’s a bargain.

Are you convinced?  The final test has to be in the tasting. Getting here isn’t easy, but it is well worth the effort.

Address:  Aoulia, Shop No 194, Main Bazaar, Basti Hazrat Nizamuddin, New Delhi -13

This google map will give you some idea, but as you’ll see when you at the link this place is going to involve some trial and error.  My advice, ask the locals to direct you to Mothers Dairy Milk Shop and then get them to guide in from there.    It took me months to remember how to get her!

Aoulia Bakery comes in two shops.  The bakery and the main shop are a few metres apart on opposite sides of the guli (alley).   Once you are there, the friendly bakers will be happy to serve you their best baked goods.

Have an adventure.  And then enjoy eating some tasty biscuits from the best bakers in Delhi.


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