If you’re after freshly ground coffee head here.

The aromatic and alluring smell of freshly ground coffee wafting down the street is not a smell associated with most Delhi marketplaces, but if you head to far end of Khanna market that agreeable coffee smell is all around.   Hidden away among the tent houses and motorbike repair shops is an amazing coffee roaster.


If you think Delhi doesn’t do freshly ground coffee, then think again.

The nose of caffeine addicts who come across the aroma created by a tiny coffee house in Khanna market will wonder what on earth is going on.

The smell coming from Devan’s South Indian Coffee and Tea House is enough to send coffee lovers into a spin.  It isn’t an easy place to find, but once you pick up the scent your nose will do the rest.

For over 50 years this family run business has been serving up the finest filter coffee to caffeine addicts right across the capital and beyond.

Started in 1962 by Mr D Vasudevan, who was passionate about bringing fresh, South Indian filter coffee to the people, Devan’s is managed today by Keshav Dev, the founder’s son, who has been with the business since 1985.

A selection of mild, medium, strong and very strong coffees from plantations in the Indian states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, is what brings people from all over Delhi to this little shop tucked away in Khanna Market.

Keshav tells me that the best sellers are Monsooned Malabar, Espresso Blend and Peaberry, but his personal favourite is the Viennese Blend, which is dedicated to Dr Bernhard who Devan’s supply in Vienna.

Created in Austria for a cafe a decade ago, Viennese Blend is a perfect for those who enjoy coffee not too mild, not too strong, packed with aroma, medium to high on body and acidity, according to its tasting notes.  Keshav adds that it’s “very balanced”.

A steady flow of happy smiley people came through the door while I’m talking with Keshav and his staff.  Everyone, staff and customers, have a bright smile on their face. It’s a very pleasant place.  I’m also told that it’s the only roastery in India where you can create your own blends.

As Indian’s taste for coffee drinking has evolved so too has Devan’s selection.  Keshev’s son, Siddhant, a member of the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe, has introduced single origin speciality coffees from other parts of the world to their collection.

So, if you are a coffee lover what you waiting for?  The details are below.  Oh yes.  If you like tea, Devans will look after you too.  They also stock Bhuira jams which, in my humble opinion, is one of the best jam brands in the whole wide world.

Website: Click here

Where is it: 131 Khanna Market, Lodhi Colony, New Delhi, 110 003.

Google maps will help to guide you in and then let your nose do the rest.  Still lost?  Call the shop on their landline.  The number is 11 2469 4467

Opening times: 10am – 7pm Monday to Saturday.  Closed on Sunday.


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