Celebrate Bakr Id at these cracking kebab houses

To celebrate the Muslim Festival of Bakr Id  take yourself down to one of Delhi’s famed kebab houses.  There’s plenty of amazing places to choose from and lots of delicious kebabs to tick off your tasting list.  Here’s three of my favourite places to help you decide where to go.


The MI Food Centre is in the top three tasty kebab houses I’ve found so far

In no order of preference here’s my three favourite places to eat juciy, full flavoured kebabs.  I’ll be going to one of them tonight to celebrate Bakr Id. The difficult decision is choosing which one to dine at.  The answer: I might have to go to more than one.

First up it’s the M I Food Centre in Mehar Chand Marg

The MI Food Centre is not flashy, but so many of the best places to eat in this city aren’t.  This street dining kebab centre, situated right next door to the butchers of the same name, packs a punch.

It’s a simple place. You stand at tables and eat on the street.  Look for the crowds gathered on Mehar Chand Marg and you’ll soon find this excellent  eatery.

Located at number 43, the MI Food Centre is where I go when I want a juicy chicken malai tikka kebab that comes with rich creamy flavours.  I’ve also been known to snaffle a mutton seekh kebab at the same time too.  Both are big winners that I heartily recommend.

Next it’s Khan Cha Cha in Khan Market, South Delhi

After learning the tricks of the trade from the Muslim food heaven that is Old Delhi, Haji Banda Hasan came to Khan market and set up shop.

His small takeaway business, frequented by youngsters and students, soon became the talk of the market.  And then the town.

Joined by his sons Mohammad Saleem and Mohammad Javed in 2000 and 2005, the business moved up a level with the opening of Khan Cha Cha restaurant in 2010.

Film stars, celebrities and cricketers come to this kebab house, so head here and you’ll be in  good company.  Check out the menu here.

My choice, for what it’s worth, is the mutton kakori kebab with a couple of roomali rotis.  Done and dusted. You’ll be happy here I’m sure.

Find Khan Cha Cha at Flat no. 50, Middle Lane, Khan Market.  There’s a map right here

If you not in Khan market, then Khan Cha Cha can still cater for you.  They’ve expanded over the last few years and can now be found in Connaught Place, Select City Walk Mall Saket, Galleria Market (Gurugram) and at Club Road in Punjabi Bagh.

And Karims is number three.  This famous eatery can be found in Old Delhi, Lodi Colony, Nizamuddin and Nehru Place.

Karim’s claim that their ancestors cooked the food for the royal Mughal court.

The end of Karim’s role with the royals came in 1857 when the British took control, but the cooks of the court kept the traditions alive and passed on their skills.

No surprises then that the Karim’s in Old Delhi, just of the Jama Masjid (Kalan Mehal, Chandni Chowk, 110002. Phone 099717 40634) is in every tourist guide book.  Here’s a google map showing the location.

But if you are craving a Karim’s kebab and can’t face Old Delhi, don’t fret.

A finer dining version can be found at the Indian Islamic Centre on Lodi Road (here’s a map).  It’s plush and tasty, but easy on the pocket.

A third is in the lanes of Nizamuddin West (Block A, Nizamuddin West, New Delhi, Delhi 110013) at the eastern end of Lodi Road.  Here’s a map to help.  Zoom in and get advice on the ground to find the right guli)

Karim’s fourth eatery can be found in Epicura Shopping Mall, Nehru Place.  I’d give the last one a miss.  The other three are all in superb settings, this one in a shopping more is somewhat sterile.

All that’s left is to decide which one to go too.  And then how many different kebabs to try.

I reckon I’m going to have a good evening.  I hope you do too.


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