Love South Indian? Go to Anna Durga’s place

When it comes to south Indian eateries there’s a lot of competition, but Anna Durga’s Dhaba stands out from the crowd.  This bustling street stall has been serving up dosas and vadas to happy, hungry customers for over three decades.  So, what are you waiting for?  It’s time to visit Anna Durga’s place.


Anna Durga has been serving from his dhaba for over 30 years

A crowd of people, bicycles on their stands and cars parked up (read abandoned) near a street corner on 4th Avenue, near Lodi Colony Main Market, first caught my attention about a year or so back.

When Indian’s gather in numbers like this there’s always a good reason. Usually the cause of the crowd is a street vendor serving up something that the locals can’t get enough off.

Anna Durga’s Dhaba, serving South Indian and Chinese, was the reason why this corner of Lodi Colony has become so popular.  For the past 30 years this street vendor has been giving the capital’s south Indian diaspora and Dilliwalahs that love a dosa what they want.

My stomach started to rumble and announced to the world that it was ready to receive some tasty south India. The massala dosa from Anna Durga is good, but it’s the vadas that keep me coming back.

They are exceptional. Freshly prepared, they are light and fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside.  They come with a cracking crunch.

Served with as good a sambhar as you’ll get anywhere and a fresh coconut chutney, you’re onto a winner if you order an Anna Durga vada.


Delicious fresh vada priced at only 40 INR per plate

I’ve done plenty of research when it comes to South Indian.

I’ve eaten at three stand out south Indian places in the capital.  Naivedyam’s in Haus Khas Village, Chidambaram’s New Madras Hotel in Khanna Market and Hotel Saravana Bhavan in Janpath, but Anna Durga’s vada  is by far the best.   Even on my travels to South India I’ve yet to come across a vada that puts what I get on 4th Avenue in the shade.

Anna Durga must put a little bit of magic into his recipe.  And at 40 INR, for both the massala dosa and vada, it’s not just a delicious taste sensation and a great street food experience, but it’s super cheap too.

There are no chairs to sit at or tables to dine on at Anna Durga’s place.  People stand by the stall, sit on the pavement or tuck into their food from the seat of their parked cars.  It’s how street food is supposed to be eaten.

Anna Durga was once based in Mehar Chand Marg, but he packed up and moved out a few years back once the area started to become gentrified.  Mehar Chand Marg’s loss is 4th Avenue’s gain.

I suppose one of the benefits of having a business on wheels is you can go to wherever you want when it is time for a change.  Anna Durga’s loyal customers will follow.

Where is it?   Block No.- 4, Fourth Ave Rd, Block 4, Lodi Colony, New Delhi, Delhi 110003

This google map will help guide you in.  Yes, this tiny little stall is so good he is even marked up on Google maps.



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