Market Guide: Jor Bagh Market

Jor Bagh Market is not massive, but what’s there is beautifully formed.  It’s home to a couple of convenience stores and there’s also a butcher, a great little bookshop, a flower seller, a chemist and a few of banks.  And then there’s Mochi, a magician who will repair your bags, shoes, handbags and a host of other stuff for a small fee.


Jor Bagh market is a friendly place.  Here’s a rundown of the shops and vendors here and what they do

Verma’s beauty parlour: This place comes in two parts, one for men and one for women. The barbers here make the hair on my head look great, trim my beard and give me a wonderful head message.  I can’t comment on what the women’s side is like, but for blokes I’ll happily recommend the barbers.  Like all barbers in India, Verma’s is closed on a Tuesday.

Flower seller: Opposite Verma’s, on the other side of the road at the entrance to the service lane, you’ll find Babu Lal and his flower stall.  One of two phoolwala’s (flowers men) in Jor Bagh, Babu Lal, Rakesh and the team are great.  Babu Lal also makes a mean cup of chai.  Ask him for a cup.  It comes with clove.

A-One Store: Haresh and his son Kapil run a store that  stocks what you’ll need on a daily basis.  Packed with produce from floor to ceiling, it’s easier to ask the boys what you want rather than walk around.  They have bits and pieces when it comes to western food stuffs, so you might it lucky.  20 litre Bisleri bottles and home delivery is available on everything.    They stock dog food too.


Kapil (left) and Pinto, A One Stores

Phone Re-Charge: After the passing of dear Mr Goyal, Goyal Business Centre has shut.  Outside the old store you’ll find Sanjeet Kumar who used to work at Mr Goyal’s shop. He’s set up a phone recharge stand and will happily recharge your phone, whatever provider you’re on.

Opposite Sanjeet Kumar, where the cars are parked on the opposite side of the road, is where Mochi’s pavement stand is set up.   Take him your broken bags, suitcases, shoes and handbags and he’ll fix them up quick smart.

Joshi Stores: You never know when Joshi Stores is going to be open.  Describing itself as a General Merchants, Stationers, Books, Gifts, Music and Movies store, Joshi’s stocks all sorts of stuff. He even wants to buy 2nd hand cars.  It’s a bit of a cave in here.

Banking: There’s lots of banks with branches of Kotak, HDFC, Punjabi National Bank and ICICI offering both cash machine and counter services.

Superwhites Dry Cleaners offers to look after all your dry cleaning needs.  It’s located at Shop no 7, next door to the Republic of Kids, a playschool that opened up around a year or so back.

Hyde and Co, founded in 1975, sells high end furniture and furnishing.

Pigpo Butchers: For carnivores, Pigpo is a must.  It’s an old school butchers shop that has been around for an age and is popular with locals and expats.

C Lal and Sons: Handicrafts store C Lal and Sons is the shop that’s advertised on Virgin’s in-flight entertainment system.  Pottery, carvings, cards, decorations and more, step inside to see what C Lal and Son’s has to offer.  It’s a popular place at Christmas time with its trees and decorations.

Adarsh Gill offers couture.  I believe that’s high end women’s fashion.

Chemists: Fair Deal Stores.  Friendly and helpful.  These pharmacists use the AC in the summer to keep their medicines nice and cool.  That’s cool.  We like that.  They celebrate 60 years at the shop on the 26th September 2017.

Frigo Industries: Next door to the chemists, offers fridges, freezers and other white goods along with AC units.

Kim Brothers: If you are after shoes, Kim Brothers has a selection and will make shoes to fit your feet.

Next door to Kim Brothers there’s a cards, paper and gifts shop.

Turn the corner of the parade and you’ll find two more shops. The Book Shop and Steakhouse

The Book Shop.  Friendly.  Warm.  Welcoming.  Well informed staff.  The Book Shop is all these things and more.  It also stocks an excellent selection of books.  They’ve made it onto my favourite book shops in Delhi.

Steakhouse: Not only does the steakhouse stock meat, but there’s a pretty impressive selection of foreign and Indian cheeses too.  This is the place to come if you’re after imported food items when in Jor Bagh.

Speciality bread, provided by the German Bakery, is available too.  The steakhouse stocks the usual range of Indian produce as well. Closed on Sundays

Milk and dairy: There’s a milk booth, offering milk, dahi, curd, ice cream and much more a couple of hundred metres away.  It’s inside Jor Bagh Colony, on the way to the Ministry of Environment Building on Jor Bagh Road.  Ask a local to point you in the right direction.

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