Like Rajasthani Khana? Then try Kathputli

Guava curry?  Really?  Okay, I’ll give it a go.  Kathpulti in Defence Colony offers up a spicy, pure vegetarian thali that’s rich in flavour and where the food keeps on coming until you beg the waiters to stop.      

The first time I walked in to Kathputli in Defence Colony Market I walked straight out.

It was a Friday at about 8pm and there was not a soul to be seen.   The promise of a spicy Rajasthani thali had pulled me in, but the distinct lack of diners made me think again.

Ever since then I’ve been regretting the decision.  I’ve heard great stuff about this restaurant and have been waiting to return to taste its food for some time.  The other week the chance arose and I jumped at it.

The food at Kathputli is spicy and it’s sweet.  And it comes laden with ghee.  If you’re worried about your waistline this place isn’t going to be your friend.  But if you want to leave the diet behind and try a range of exciting dishes on a never ending thali plate, then you’re in the right place.

On this visit everything started off well because I took a seat.  The first dishes arrived soon after and I was smiling. There’s dish after dish on a thali. I lost count of the number that arrived on my plate, but here’s a rundown of what stood out for me and why

Kathputli’s dhokla, a fermented batter sponge square made from rice and chickpeas, topped with a green chilly, surprised me.  Dholka is not something I usually go for, but this was different.  Soft, spongy and oozing ghee, this was a lightly flavoured cake that left me wanting more.  A good start.


Delightful dhokla (the one with the chilly sitting proudly on the top)

Churma, a sweet served alongside Dal bati, give me a sugar hit and made me think of a besan ladoo.   Churma is like a ladoo mixture before it has been rolled into balls, but it gets eaten with a savoury dal.  Sure, it sounds a bit odd, but it worked for me.

The stand out mains were led by the bhindi (okra), whilst the yellow dal give me that warm, homely feel (with a bit of a chilly kick).  And then there was a surprising little guava curry.  Sweet, but not overly so.

On the bread front Bikaneri roti, spinach puri and tawa roti, with lashing of ghee, come warm and fresh whenever you want them

I ate well.  Very well.  Would there be space for desert?  An easy answer when it is as tasty as Kathputli’s jalebi. Three helpings later I just about managed to control myself.  I know. Shameful.  The jalebi, crisp, clean and clearly made in fresh ghee with plenty of sugar syrup, was perfect.  It was the dish of the day.  A great way to finish


The joy of jalebi.  It’s difficult to say stop.

Kathputli’s is well worth a visit.  Just for the jalebi alone.

Located at 35, Defence Colony Market, a thali for two will set you back about 1000 INR.

Look out for the man dressed in traditional Rajasthani attire who plays a stringed instrument with added impetus as you approach.  He’s there to encourage you in.  My advice is to let him show you the way.

Kathpulti is similar, but not the same as another famed Rajasthani thali restaurant in Delhi called Rajdhani.  Rajdhani seems to takes a wider view, including more foods of the state of Rajasthan and then adding in Gujarati cuisine.  You can read more about Rajdhani restaurant in my blog post here.

For more information on Kathputli’s opening times and contact details visit  Facebook Page.

If you want to know a little more about Defence Colony, my blog post here gives an overview.


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