Market Guide: Lodi Colony Main Market

Lodi Colony Main Market is home to three tasty restaurants, a tea house of some repute and a sports shop that sells everything you need to get fit and healthy.


Veer Saakar Park: Pleasant to stroll around during the day and at night

This rectangular shaped market is famed for it’s fabulous food joints.  With three award winning restaurants you’ll need to come back to Lodi Colony Main Market more than twice.

Aside from the food, Veer Saakar Park, which sits in the centre of the market, is also a mightily pleasant place to hang out.  It’s a real community park that pulls in the crowd from across the colony.  Kids run around and play on the swings and slides, adults and kids eat ice cream and the older residents come together to chat and watch the world go by.

It’s an area on the up.  Lodi Colony has had a facelift over the past 12 months with the walls of local housing blocks becoming the canvases for a national street art initiative.  This link will tell you more about the St+Art initiative, what’s on show and where you can find out more information..

But, let’s get going and start off this Market Guide with our stomachs in mind. Here’s a little review of the market’s four restaurants, what’s served, how much it costs and where you can find out more about each one.

Ping at 13, Main Market, south side.  The new kid on the block (and the only eatery on the south side of the market) is set to stay put.


The new kid on the Lodi block.  Eating at pings is a pleasure.

Pings by PCO is an cafe offering healthy Asian street food.  A pleasure in more ways than one.  Good ambience, fresh food that’s packed with flavour and great cocktails.  Pings is refreshing addition to Delhi’s food scene.  A big tick from me.  A meal for two around 1500 – 2000 INR.  Pings website for more information and see Zomato for what others have to say.

Tres at Shop 17, Main Market, north side. Tres is all about European and Italian dishes.  To find out what’s on the menu and book a table head to Tres’ website.   A meal for two will cost around 3,000 INR.    Check out what other diners have to share at Zomato.


Icon at Shop 27 Main Market, north side: Offers Indian and Thai.  I found the Indian okay and the Thai confusing.  It tasted more Indian than Thai.  Super, super chilled AC.  It’s a short review from me.     Look at Zomato for what others have to say.   For two,  in the region of 700 – 900 INR

Guppy at Shop 28, Main Market, north side. Guppy’s award winning Chef Vikram Khatri serves up the city’s finest Japanese food at this bar and kitchen.  Part of the Olive food chain, it’s an eatery with excellent credentials.  It’s a bit of a treat, but well worth it.


Guppy by ai is home to an award winning chef

I’m told the non-vegetarian signature dish, the slow braised pork belly, cooked for 72 hours, is something quite special.  Guppy by ai website is right here with Zomato reviews available at this link

So, with the restaurant run down wrapped up,  it’s time for a quick look at what else can be found at Lodi Colony Main Market

Prayal Pratap and Rajesh Pratap Singh,  wife and husband fashion designers with shops next door to one another at Shop 3 and Shop 4 on the south side. Prayal Pratap looks after women’s fashion, whilst her husband Rajesh offers both men’s and women’s fashion.  It’s high end.

Mittals Tea at Shop.  Shop 8 on the south side.  Tea from across India served in wonderful wooden carved boxes.  Tea tasting too.  What’s not to like?  More on the Mittal’s website.

Lodhi Sports at Shop 6 & 7 on the south side.  Stocks plenty of sports equipment from sports clothes to tennis rackets to treadmills.  If you need something sporty, Lodhi sports will probably be able to help you out.   Here’s the website.

There’s also a convenience store (next to Pings).  At no 11,on the south side, Frazer and Haws, a silversmith, deserves a mention.  On the north side of the market you’ll find a branch of Archies Card and Gift Shop, as well as chemist and a digital photo shop and developer.   There’s also a couple of tailors, one on either side of the market.

A Punjabi National Bank cash point will provide you with funds to spend in Lodi Colony Main Market.  It’s on the corner, near Prayal Pratap’s shop.


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