Durga Puja @ Lodi Colony on the 11th October

Delhi’s sizeable Bengali community celebrated Durga Puga in style last week.  Bengal may be the festival’s spiritual home, but Bengali’s wherever they live don’t mess about when it comes to matters that involve Ma Durga.

The Bengali Community in Lodi Colony is my community for Durga Puga.

Last year, I was proud to be made a member of the South Delhi Immersion Committee: Joint Procession Committee.  I know.  What an honour, what a title and what a badge.


My Ma Durga membership badge

Sadly, I was out of the country in the run up to this year’s festival, but all was not lost.  I still had the chance to pay my respects to Ma Durga on the 11th October, the day before she left Lodi Colony to be immersed in the Yumana River.

Here’s she is in her Pandal, opposite the Mother’s Dairy Booth at the top of Third Avenue, Lodi Colony. She left her pandal the next day to travel on the waters of the Yamuna River to be reunited with Lord Shiva in the mountains.


Ma Durga, Lodi Colony, 3rd Avenuie, in her Pandal in 2016

You’ll see some photographs below of my Ma Durga immersion experience from 2015 at Yamuna Ghat.  It gives a sense of the festival’s size, scale and its importance.


Ma Durga lifted from her truck by the crane


Lifted down to the waters edge.  8 cranes operated on at this ghatr alone from 9am until I left at 5pm.  Thousands more Ma Durga lined the procession route waiting to be immersed.


Ma Durga is given a helping hand on her way to be re-united with Lord Shiva


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