Delhi’s great green spaces: Lodi Gardens


Lauded as Delhi’s premier garden, you’d be forgiven for thinking that this 90 acre park in South Delhi is actually an archaeological site.   Popular with walkers, joggers, birders and canoodling couples, Lodi Gardens is a must see. 

Designed around the 15th and 16th century tombs of rulers from the Sayyid and Lodhi (Lodi) dynasties, this 1930’s designed garden has some serious wow factor.

In addition to its amazingly well preserved monuments, there’s also a butterfly garden and a bonsai park.  If you like a little bit of exercise in the morning, then the jogging circuit is always popular whilst the Yoga Garden caters for those that like to stretch and meditate with the morning sun.

For those of us that like to wander around and watch the world go by, Lodi Gardens ticks all the boxes.   In the autumn and winter months you’ll come across student’s practicing the lines from plays,  groups reciting poetry and people picnicing and playing games.

If Lodi Garden’s sounds pretty much like perfection, that’s because it is.

Eating, drinking and shopping around Lodi Gardens

Lodi Garden’s is a stone’s throw from both Khan Market and Lodi Colony Market , which means combining a walk around the garden with some shopping and eating is really easy.

If either of these markets is too far for food, then the Lodi – The Garden Restaurant, located on Lodi Road and bordering the park, offers fancy al-fresco fine dining with flavours from around the world.   It’s a swanky joint.    You’ll like it for lazy drinks too.

Convinced?  Good.  This google map shows you the way to Lodi Gardens.   The nearest metro is Racecourse.

Entry is free.  The garden is open from dawn to dusk every day

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