Have you given your house a damn good clean?


The biggest celebration of them all is coming up and Dilliwalahs are busy cleaning their houses.  Wondering why everyone is buying brushes and scrubbing furiously?  This idiots guide will give you some sort of answer in just 200 words.

Are you sitting comfortably?

You’re not?   Well, tough.  There’s not a moment to spare.  It’s time to let you know why you should be keeping your house clean.

Wait a minute.  The house should always be clean shouldn’t it?

Well, yes, it should.  But when you’re welcoming in a special guest you really should make an extra special effort, shouldn’t you? 

I suppose so.  Who’s coming?

It’s no other than the Goddess Lakshmi, the wife of the great Lord Vishnu.

Okay.  You’ll need to tell me a bit more about this Goddess Lakshmi.  Who is she exactly?

Lakshmi is no other than the Hindu Goddess of fortune, wealth and prosperity.  She’s the one represented with gold coins falling from her hands. But, Lakshmi is not just about the cash, she’s also gives spiritual guidance too.

Now, I’m interested.  In the spiritual bit you understand.  Not the cash.  When will she come?

Lakshmi doesn’t schedule appointments in her diary, but she’ll come sometime on the evening of Diwali if you have a clean house. 

Is there anything else I should know about?

Remember to light your diyas and leave the door open.  She won’t ring the doorbell to be let in. 

The End


Obviously there’s a lot more to it, but this gives you an idea.  To find out more about Goddess Lakshmi click here.  For more on Lord Vishnu click here.

Remember Lord Ram?  He’s the guy that’s just defeated Ravana and is the reason Diwali is celebrated.  Well, Lord Ram is an incarnation of Vishnu.  Need a recap, then Here’s the story of Diwali in just one hundred words.

Did someone mention shopping?

No.  They didn’t, but you want to know about the melas right?  Some are still on if you get a move on.

Here’s what we think are the top three, (note Sundar Nagar is now over)

Photo credit: Indl Samarajiva, click here for flicker site


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