8 awesome sweet houses you really should know about


This list is bound to create some debate, but discussion is a good thing when it comes to searching out the most mouth watering mithaee (sweets).  Here’s the shops we reckon top the list, but tell us what we’re missing out on and where to go.

Ganesha Sweethouse, Mehar Chand Marg – When I give Ganesha’s sweets to Indian friends they  get gobbled down quick smart.  After eating the questions start. “Wow!  Where did you get these from?”  

Soshiel Vig and his team at Ganesha’s know more than a thing or two about making mithaee. Located at Shop 19 Mehar Chand Marg, near Lodi Colony, Ganesha has all the good stuff.   There are doda, ladoo, burfi, jalebi and gulab jamun just to name a few. This google map will guide you in

Nathus, Sundar Nagar – Sundar Nagar means beautiful place and this is where Bengali business Nathu’s sell their beautiful sweets.Nathu’s ladoos are ghee and nut laden, so it’s not a place for the health conscious.  As they are a premium product, Nathu’s sweets will set you back a few extra rupees. But what price can you put on the perfect mithaee? This website tells you what’s on offer and where to go.  Check them out.

Krishan, Khanna Market – Krishan’s is less than a 1km away from Ganesha’s sweethouse and these two heavyweights compete with each other pound for pound. When it comes to coconut burfi, Ganesha shaves it, but for besan ladoo go to Krishan.  What about the rest of the sweets?  The jury is still out.  Find Krishan, and the lovely Bobby ji who runs this stall, at 67 Khanna Market.  Here’s the map.


Shyam’s Old Delhi – You’ll have to venture into the heart of the walled city to find this sweethouse that was founded in 1910.  It’s an institution that has made it onto the much loved Delhi Food Walks. Choose anything you like on the sweet front and you won’t be disappointed.  A new branch has just opened in Darya-Ganj.  We’re so happy for them, because it means more sweets for us.

You’ll find the original store at H.NO. 112 , Chawri Bazar , Chowk Barshahbulla, New Delhi, Delhi 110006.  Nearest metro Chawri Bazar.  Here’s the website that gives you all you need to know.

Haldirams, stores across the NCR – Halidrams makes it onto the list at the insistence of Indian friend Rajni, who reckons they do the most marvellous mithaee. She’s a born and bred Dilliwalah so she should know what she’s talking about, no?  Famed for pulling together party packs at festival time, Haldirams has stores right across the NCR.  Find out where at this link.  The branch at CP is the flagship store

Malik’s, Connaught Place – Malik’s manages to get me into Connaught Place and that’s no mean feat.  Located in the Regal Buildings, Parliament Street, just of Sansard Marg, Malik literally translates as chief or leader.  It’s a title that this sweet shop deserves.  These boys boss their sweets. Here’s a google map to help guide you in.


Bikaneerwala, Baba Kharak Singh Marg, near Connaught Place – Back in 1950 two men left their home in Bikaneer, Rajasthan, to take the family business to Delhi and try their luck.  It turns out that their luck was in and the family haven’t looked back since.

A similar concept to Haldirams, but running a franchise model where the owners get more freedom to chose, each of its stores have different characteristics.

The one on the 1st Floor, Rajiv Gandhi Handicraft Bhawan, Baba Kharak Singh Marg, has the largest collection of ladoos that I’ve seen anywhere in the subcontinent.  Made from multiple flours and coming in an array of sizes, this is ladoo heaven.  Here’s the map that will get you here.

Sayantan’s Mum and Aunt – The joker in the pack, the rogue in the deck. Sayantan’s Mum and Aunt probably make the most perfect coconut ladoo that has ever graced my lips.  The little balls of goodness with the exquisite flavour of elachi (cardamom) send shivers down my spine. I’ve never met these ladies, but I’m in love with their ladoos.


So, toothbrush at the ready.  It’s time to get out there and start eating.  Super.

Wondering what’s what when it comes to Indian sweets?  Check out this blog to get a head start.

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