Delhi’s great green spaces: The Garden of Five Senses


This park is more than just a green space, it’s been designed to give visitors an extra special sensory experience.  Want to know more?  Then read on.

This twenty acre garden aims to stimulate its visitor’s five senses through the use of colour, fragrance, texture and form.

Opened to the public in 2003, it was conceptualised and commission by Delhi Tourism Transportation Development Corporation to create some much needed green space in and around Saket.

So, should visitors  be prepared for their senses to be taken to new heights?    Yes.  And no.  It all depends on how you choose to interact with the park and its installations.

If you’re expecting to find manicured gardens like those at Lodi Gardens, then you’ll be disappointed.   The Garden of Five Senses presents some pleasing flowers beds and gardens, but it makes use of its rocky, hilly terrain to celebrate nature’s design skills.   Comparing the two parks isn’t fair, but celebrating the differences is.

There are some lovely features, including over 20 sculptures and murals dotted around the park’s 20 acres.  Some are pretty odd and leave you wondering what is going on.  But they make visitors think, which is all part of the plan.   It’s art, after all.

And on a clear day (or should I say, given Delhi’s air quality, a clearish day) there are good views over the city.  The the Qutb Minar, a UNESCO world heritage site is nearby, and the Minar stands proudly over the city from this elevated viewpoint.  It’s pretty imposing, so climbing up the rocky hillside paths is well worth it.

It’s worth flagging that there are parts of the park that would welcome some love and attention, but don’t let this be a reason to avoid a visit.  Overall, it’s worth taking a trip to spend some time out and enjoy the Garden of Five Senses.

To find out more about the Garden of Five Senses, Delhi Tourism gives a good overview, along with entry details (and costs) and a map showing how to get there and enjoy a sensory experience.  Click here to find out more.  The nearest metro is Saket

Eating, drinking and shopping around the Garden of Five Senses

There’s a pretty good restaurant and bar offering al fresco drinking and dining, which is another good reason to visit the garden.  FIO Kitchen and Bar, run by the same company that’s at Lodi Gardens, is located inside the complex, by Gate1.  Here’s the Facebook Page to show you what’s on offer.

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