Delhi Market Guide: Yashwant Place


Inaugrated by Shri V V Giri, the Vice President of India in 1969, Yaswant Place is a complex that is starting to show its age.  Brutalism has its fans, but maintenance is important when it comes to making a shopping complex made out concrete remain appealing.

Less about aesthetics and more about what’s available in this two level shopping centre.

Sadly, Yashwant Place is nothing to yell about unless you like leather goods, are into jewellery or need a few household bits and pieces on the hop.

Looking for leather?  You’re probably in the right place

There are leather shops galore selling jackets,  hand bags and briefcases and all sorts of other  accessories.

The vendors are keen to encourage you, but pretending to be a vegetarian meant I avoided most of their sales patter on this trip.  It’s prices on request and expect to haggle hard.

I don’t know about leather and, to be honest, I don’t want to learn.  So, you’ll have to visit this leather land to decide what shops are good, why and who is well priced.  Please excuse my lack of knowledge on the leather front.

In addition to the leather shops there’s also a store selling fur.  I’m not a fan and I’m confused when the season for fur coats in India comes along, but it seems that there is one.

After Jewels? Then this place could also be for you

Not another strong topic for me I am afraid.

I’m exceptionally poor when it comes to pearls, precious stones and fine jewellery.  I’m told that there are some good jewellers stocking intricate silver and gold pieces, but I’m not the man to advise on what’s good and what is not.  Once again, it’s over to you to decide who hits the mark.

What about household goods? A couple of shops will service your basic needs

Kishan’s and Jagdish both stock a reasonable selection of Indian household goods and some imported items.  Kishan’s has a good selection of tea.  Jagdish is also a Chemists and this entrepreneur has also opened up a sweet and snack stall.

I’m never one to miss out on the chance to try a chai and besan ladoo, so I dived in.  It was okay.  I didn’t get me excited and I’m a man that loves a ladoo.  The chai came with a teabag in it.  What’s that all about?  No chai patty?  I won’t be back.

What else is here?

There’s a couple of barbers (and a beauty parlour for the ladies), a butchers, a brass shop and a branch of DTDC couriers.  Mook Preet will provide passport photographs and add in a couple of places to recharge phones and Tata Sky subscriptions and that’s the shops all wrapped up.  Oh yes, there’s also Bank of Baroda.

Are there any decent places to eat?

The Food Court almost exclusively focuses in on Chinese and Nepali Khana (food), which means there are momos to be found.  I’ll happily munch my way through a plate of momos, but this food court hasn’t yet drawn me in.  I doubt it will.


If I’m peckish in Yashwant Place, then Bikenervala is where I head.  The food is alright here, but it is more about the memories.  This was one of the first places I ate out in India.

Since then my taste buds have moved on, but it’s good to come back for the memories.  And the ladoos are pretty good in here too.

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