Delhi scams: Poo on my shoe


Fresh faced expats and tourists offer up excellent opportunities for tricksters and touts to try things out to relieve you of your hard earned cash.  This scam involves poo, my shoe and Connaught Place.

This is a classic CP (Connaught Place) trick where poo is literally thrown onto your shoe.

Nice hey?  Here’s how it goes.

A seemingly friendly local comes along and points out that there is a big pile of poo on your shoe. Now, when I mean big pile, I mean a big pile.

I know about this all too well.  When it happened to me the poo on my shoe was not just sizeable, it was sloppy too.

Your new, realtively well heeled, English speaking friend will shrug, look up, point to the trees and say that it is the monkeys that caused the poo problem.  You’ll start suspecting something straight away.

Then, as if by magic, a shoe cleaner will appear to save the day.  Now.  How convenient is that?

Not very.  He was the man who put the poo there in the first place.  But your English speaking guide will start to explain that he’ll clean your shoe for a very small fee – a very small fee.  After all, it doesn’t look very good to have poo on your shoe, does it?

For small fee, read exhorbitant amount.

If the shoe shiner starts to clean your shoe and you haven’t agreed a price, be prepared to be hit even harder  If you refuse the amount demanded, rent a crowd quickly appears to watch and berate you.  It all gets a little unpleasant I’m led to believe.

The other option, the one I chose, is to walk away and clean off the poo yourself.  It’s comes at no cost, but it is not pleasant.

So, what’s the lesson to be learned?

Next time you are visiting CP wear flip flops or open shoes and you won’t get to meet the poo people.  To be fair, the poo incident has only happened to me once, but that was enough.



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