Seminar on air pollution at the UChicago Centre


Air pollution is a big issue, but the big question is what can be done to change the situation and how can we all help?  That’s the topic on the table at talk being given this week at the UChicago Centre.  Why not go along and add your voice to the discussion?

Earlier this month I pulled together a short post about Delhi’s air pollution.  It didn’t make easy reading.

As the cold weather sets in Delhi’s air quality deteriorates and the city authorities start to battle against the elements in their attempts to minimise the impacts.  It’s not an easy job, but what can be done?

That’s the topic on the table in a talk being given by Dr Pallavi Pant, a Post-doctoral Research Associate at the Department for Environmental Health at the University of Massachusetts, at the UChicago Center this week.

In her seminar, Exposure to Air Pollution in India: What do we know and where do we go next, Dr Pant is going to discuss the data, the policies and the practicalities of taking action on one of the biggest challenges facing Indian cities today.

The Delhi government is taking steps to tackle air pollution this winter.  In late October, just before Diwali, it was announced that devices would be installed at thirteen entry points into the city to try and check the flow commercial vehicles that do not comply with pollution standards.

A raft of other announcements to tackle the pollution problem havebeen promised over the weeks ahead. One thing is for sure – cleaning the air isn’t an easy thing to do and it’s not going to be solved in a few short months.

So, why not add your voice to the discussion at the UChicago Center on 11th November at 5.30pm.

For more information click on this link.

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