Delhi scams: It’s closed today

Auto walahs takes a rest

It’s closed today is a popular scam played by autowalahs and involves toursit sites, shops and opening hours.

“Today it’s closed.”

Is it?  Really?

An autowallahs and taxi drivers favourite is to tell you where you want to go is closed.

But don’t worry, they’ll be happy to be your  guide and take you to a place that is open.  How kind is that?

Wait there is more. Not only that, they’ll tell you about this amazing place giving an exhibition.  It is just around the corner too.

And get this.  Your friend will even take you for free because, in India, guest is god.    What a guy!  So friendly.  So helpful.

Here’s the reality.

Replace the word closed with open.

Replace the word exhibition with shop.

Replace the word free travel with hefty commission for said autowallah or taxi driver if you end up buying anything from the shop.

A pretty painless, but irratating and time wasting scam to watch out for nonetheless.



8 thoughts on “Delhi scams: It’s closed today

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