Dehli scams: How many Dilli Haats are there?

5330669152_bb6b94dde2_bThis scam is all about shopping at Dilli Haat, but which one will you be taken too?

The government run Dilli Haat has got a bit of a reputation in guide books as one of the best places to go for gifts and traditional Indian handicrafts.

And that’s means many more shops have decided to call themselves Dilli Haat.  And there’s plenty of autowallahs and taxi drivers keen to take you to these fake stores or some other enterprise calling itself a cottage emportium.

So, which one will you be taken too?  The one the guide books talk about is on Aurobindo Marg, opposite INA Market. Here’s the exact site on a map.  A helpful landmark is the INA metro station.

Onto the location of some of the Dilli Haat fakes – where  autowallahs and taxi drivers will be keen to take you thier hefty commission.  I know of three, but there will be more.

One is under the Aurobindo Marg flyover near Jor Bagh Metro (which is conveniently on the way to the real Dilli Haat), another shop is in Old Delhi which calls itself Dilli Haat and there are an array of shops along the approach to the Garden of Five Senses, near Saket, all calling themselves Dilli Haat.

Now you know, don’t get taken in.

I don’t think the real Dilli Haat is all that great. I reckon the Haat called Daskar, near Chhartaphur is far better.  And if you are in and around CP, these great gift shops might give you just what you want.

Photo Credit: meenakshi madhavan


9 thoughts on “Dehli scams: How many Dilli Haats are there?

  1. While Dilli Haat may not be that great when compared to other markets in Delhi, it does offer a “safe” (or at least “protected from hawkers”) environment for foreign visitors – especially those short on time. The quality isn’t the best, the prices aren’t the best, but it serves its purpose as a place to go for handicrafts that are “good enough” while providing a bargaining experience for tourists. Just don’t buy a 100% pashmina.


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