Delhi scams: Show me your ticket


This posts focuses in on travel at New Delhi Railway Station and men that are nothing to do with Indian Railways wanting to see your ticket.  Wondering why?  So are we. 

You’re off on an adventure and the train is going to take you there.

Great!  What a way to travel.

Outside New Delhi Railway Station there are often groups of men that want to see your train ticket before you walk onto the station platforms.

Think twice before handing your ticket over..

They are nothing to do with Indian Railways, but can be persistent and demand that you should show your ticket.  They are pretty brazen about it too.  You find these guys standing right outside the station entrance in full view of the authorities.

Say no to them.  Or don’t say anything.   Walk on.

Only give your ticket to an inspector on the train who will be wearing a nice Indian Railways jacket with his name badge on it.

What do these men want to see your ticket for?  Good question. I’m not sure.

We reckon it might be a ruse to tell you your train is cancelled and that they can help you out with another ticket or hotel for the night, or it could be something else more sinister.

Who knows?  Who cares?  Just walk on by.


8 thoughts on “Delhi scams: Show me your ticket

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