Delhi scams: The meter is broken

Auto walahs takes a rest

These autowalahs got bored of bargaining and fell asleep

This scam is once again about the autowallah.  Travelling by auto is convenient and fun, but getting an autowallah to agree a fair price can be quite a task. 

Meter down ko kejie (Please put the meter down in Hindi).

That’s my line to autowallahs when they tell me how much it will cost to travel a couple of kilometres.

Autowallahs love to tell you that the meter is broken (many are) and that they are giving you a cheap price.

Here’s the price points if you are interested.

Minimum fare of 25 INR which takes you up to 2km and then after that it’s 8 INR per kilometre.  So, a 5km journey should cost about 50INR and a 10km journey around 90INR.

I don’t always get the meter down, but I know  the price structure and what a reasonable fare looks like.  My interactions will autowallahs have let to another favourite Hindi phrase.

Mujhe ullu bana ra he ho?  (literally are you making an owl out of me).  Wondering what that’s all about, click here.

But, I’ve autowallahs to thank for helping me learn and practice my Hindi, so I tend to tip for the journey after we have haggled hard.  It’s a tough, poorly paid job, so do think about that when agreeing a price with these three wheeled warriors of the road.



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