Delhi’s great green spaces: Nehru Park


Nehru Park’s new yoga garden opened in October 2016 and there are classes every morning

A popular place with Delhi’s diplomatic community living in and around Chanakyapuri, Nehru Park is named after the first Prime Minister of independent India,  Jawaharlal Nehru.  It’s got grassy knolls, running tracks, a bit of art and is home to some great events in the winter months. 

Opened in 1969, Nehru Park’s 85 acres of manicured lawns and grassy knolls, with flower beds on its borders, is a popular spot for expats.

There is a kid’s play area, a rose garden, sculptures and works of art dotted around.  And there’s also a larger than life sized statue of Vladmir Lenin, leader of the Socialist Revolution in Russia.

For those looking to keep in shape, a newly opened Yoga Garden, a well marked and maintained jogging track and a surprisingly popular outdoor gym, will get your breathing in tune and your heart pumping.

The swimming pool lacks water, so don’t dive in.  You will hurt your head.

Nehru Park is pleasant enough place to have a wander around and hang out.  In the autumn and winter months it hosts outdoor festivals, including concerts, food fairs and art events.

Keep an eye out in the press or visit Namaste New Delhi to find out more about what’s going on.  The PSOI Club, located on the far corner of Nehru Park, near Yashwant Place, also hosts an wide range of outdoor events that are popular with Dilliwalahs.

If you fancy eating out after wandering around Nehru Park, the five star Ashok Hotel has a range of fine dining opportunities.  There’s also the Pot Belly at Bihar Niwas (a State Bhawan) and a Bikanervala at Yashwant Place.   Nearby Malcha Marg. Market, a kilometre away or so, offers more choices.

Everyone needs a place to think and this might park be yours.

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