Be amazed by this yogi

Yogi Vasanteao Kadam is a very versatile man to say the least.  Read on to learn more about this man and see a video of him in action at last month’s Phoolwalon ki Sair (Festival of Flower Sellers) fair.

Vasanteao Kadam is flexible.  Really flexible.  And he’s 48 years old.  A short clip of him in action can be seen above (about a 1 minute)

This devotee of the yogic arts performs for a Maharashtra circus that criss crosses the country, calling into cities all around this vast land to entertain the crowds.

To get his own show at the fair, Vasanteao has had to work really hard.

He practiced his water based yogic routine for seven long years in private, before joining the circus and taking to the pool to show the public what he can do.

His routine is a sight to behold.

So, no surprises then that his stall was one of the most popular at the fair ground that ran alongside the Phoolwalon ki Sair (Festival of Flower Sellers), Mehrauli, a week or so before Diwali.

The suspicious amongst us might suspect that some salt has been added to the water to aid Vasanteao floatation.  They may well be right, but who cares?  The poses Vasanteao pulls defy what the body should be able to do whether they are in water or not.

You have missed him this year, but don’t worry.  He’ll be back in Delhi at the same fair next year, so keep an eye out for the Phoolwalon ki Sair (Festival of Flower Sellers) and get yourself along to his show next year.

Full routine shown in this 5 minute clip below



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