You’ll love these lassi walahs

When the weather warms up lassi saves Dilli walahs from the blazing sun.  Lassi is sweet.  Lassi is cool.  Lassi is, quite simply, lovely.  Here’s the best lassi walahs in the city.

A blend of yoghurt, milk and sugar, Lassi is a drink to die for.  I break my own street food safety test when it comes to this sweet street delight.  You see, lassi comes with crushed ice to keep it cool.

I know.  It’s not great to drink the ice, but I just can’t resist on a hot summers day.  Or a cool winters morn.

Street lassi sometimes comes with a dash a rose syrup to pump up the sweetness, but I prefer it plain and sweet (it can be salty too, but most Dilliwalahs want the sweetness over salt).

Lassi can also be found flavoured with fruits and cardamom.  Mango is popular in season, but I really don’t see the point of playing around when something is already perfect.

Anyhow, here’s my favourite four lassi walahs.  If you love lassi, you’ll love these guys.

The King of Kotla – The best in the city?  Perhaps

My reward after shopping for fruit and veggys down at Kotla Mubarkpur, South Delhi’s Sabzi Mandi, is stopping off at this lovely lassi walah’s stall.

Wiping the sweat from my brow, this wallah knows what I want.  40 rupees worth of the coolest, creamiest and sweetest lassi in South Delhi please.  Served up straight away, you’ll be smiling in no time.  We share few words, but we share a love a lassi.

I’m sad to say I don’t know his name: a quiet chap he keeps himself to himself.  He’s more interested in making marvellous lassi.  And if he keeps doing that, I’m happy.


Where can you find the King of Kotla? There are three lassi stalls lined up next to each other on the way to the railway bridge that crosses over the track.  He’s the middle one.  Not a great description I know, but hopefully the photo of the stall and the King himself is a good signpost to get you there.

This lassi walah makes my heart happy – Okhla Pocket F.

I was on my way to the Okhla Municipal Waste Facility the other summer (more about that in a blog another time), I came across this simple lassi stall on the main road.

I’d taken my car to be serviced and ended up looking to kill some time (that’s how I ended up on top of the dump too). After the experience around Delhi’s landfill I needed something to make me smile.  These boys did just that.

The stall is called, “This lassi walah makes my heart happy.”   It does just that.  At 10 rupees for a small and 20 INR for a large, it’s a real bargain.


Located on Ma Anandmayee Marg, near Pocket F travelling south towards the Mehrauli – Badapur Road.  The Honda Garage is the best landmark I’ve got, but this guy has a stall on on wheels and he takes his lassi where the customers want it.

Tyagi Dairy –  Northern Star, near GTB Nagar Metro

Tyagi Dairy is a reason to take a trip north.  Jump on the metro to GTB Nagar, head on to the Kingsway and you won’t be disappointed.


This northern star is on the way to Coronation Park, the place where statutes of India’s colonial rulers have been left to rest.  Where is it?  On Lok Marg, around the border of Outram Lines and Mukhergee Nagar.

Hotel Dharampura – a luxurious glass of lassi

Hotel Haveli Dharampura served up a sweet lassi surprise. I was expecting a pretty standard serving of lassi from one of Delhi’s poshiest dining rooms, but what I got exceeded all expectations.

The new kid on the block, Dharanpura’s lassi is smooth and silky sweet, and comes topped off with nut shavings.  The nuts are not there for show.  They give this lassi that aomething extra and a bit of a crunch.

When you are sitting back and ordering a lassi here, thank me.  The address, 2293, Gali Guliyan, Dharampura, Delhi-6 Tel.: 011-23261000, 011-23263000, 011-23261333, 011-23261444, 011-23271222.


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