What service is this man offering?

Most men don’t like talking to other men about what’s in their pants.  A taboo topic, it’s not something that I was eager to talk about, but if I wanted to know what a couple signs I’d seen meant then I knew I had to overcome my embarrassment.

I have a dear friend who helps me out with Hindi translation and talks me through stuff when I’ve no idea what is going on.  I end up talking to him quite a bit.

There’s never been an occassion for us to to be embarrassed in one anothers company, but I knew all that was about to change when I shared a couple of photographs I’d taken a month or so back.

I really wanted to know what they meant, so I  swallowed hard and spoke up.  I don’t know which of us was more embarrassed to start with, but once we got into the topic of what’s in mens trousers it was pretty easy going.


Exhibit A  (above): Asif Ali Road, near Dilli Gate

The words “sexologist”, “sex” and “call now”, the only English words on the sign, suggest that this man might be keen to help men who had problems with their performance. Good guess, no?

But the condom on his head made me think twice.  Perhaps, this man was offering some birth control technique to customers who wanted to have all the fun, but without the consequences.

What’s the reality?  Here’s what I learnt.

The gentleman with the moustache (not the condom on his head) is called Hari Kishan Lal and he’s into ayurvedic medicine

His specialist topic, I guessed right, is what happens in men’s pants when things aren’t working as well as we would like.  He offers a free check up and if you call now, he’ll book you in.  I like to think I’m an investigative type of blogger, but is a visit to this gentleman too far for me to go?  Let’s see in the weeks and months ahead.


Exhibit B (above), Poster on the wall running along Ma Anandmayee Marg, Okhla

Now this is a man that looks like he is in urgent need of medical attention.

At this point, I should make clear for non Delhi dwellers, that I haven’t seen anyone on the streets that look like they have this problem.  If I had, I’d have blogged about it a lot earlier.

Anyhow, were the services of a medical profession being offered?   What could the problem be?   What did that Hindi writing mean ? So many questions.

My friend smiled.  “He has problem.”

I could see that, but this time I could tell that we would not be going into the specifics of this man’s difficultly.    What I can tell you is that the man offering the service is another ayurvedic medic who promises to solve problems without the need to operate.  This man must be a magician.

If you do want to find out more this man’s services, his clinic is near the Iskcon Temple.  I hope I won’t need to call in anytime soon.

My friend and I supped our chai in silence.  It was time to move onto some photos of something altogether more agreeable.


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