Yadav’s boys make the best chole bhature


Meet the boys that make the best chole bhature in the city

Kwality restaurant in CP claims it makes the best chole bhature in the city, but Meghnath Yadav’s humble street stall in Khan Market proves that those shouting the loudest are not always right. 

Chole bhature brings Indian’s together.

It’s a dish that cuts through social class and caste.  Eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner, everyone loves eating this punjabi street khana (food) at anytime of the day or night.

Not only is this dish a social leveller, it’s also an eye opening experience to see it prepared.  The cooking of the chole (chickpea) isn’t the interesting bit, watching the bhature come to life is what it is all about.

Leavened dough is flattened and then thrown into huge khadi (pan) of boiling hot oil.  The dough starts to burst into life, inflating and puffing up into a rugby shaped air ball in seconds.

Scooped out and then thrown onto a metal sieve to let some of the oil drain away, this ball of hot air is ready to be eaten.  Be warned, you’ll burn your fingers.  But you can be confident that no bugs have survived their bath in the smoking  oil!

For the more health conscious, put the bhature to the side and settle for roti.  It’s not quite the same, but the chole can’t be missed if you are feeling healthy.

Meghnath Yadav makes both bhature and roti at his famous street food stall in Khan Market.

Trading around the side of Goyal Mandir, Yadav’s shop has been serving up this special dish to hungry Khan Market shop workers, religious devotees and loyal customers for the past 40 years.

Open from mid morning until around 4pm, there’s a constant stream of customers chatting away and eating.  For a mere 40 rupees a plate, customers at Yadav’s place get a hearty feed for a bargain price.


Taking the healthier option: Yadav’s chole comes with roti too

In terms of taste and price Yadav packs a punch that many of the heavyweight restaurants around the lanes of Khan Market, one of India’s most expensive areas, can only dream about.

It’s a knockout. If you like your garam massala with a little extra cinnamon, and melt in the mouth chole with some fresh green chilli, then Meghnath Yadav is your man.

Yes,  there are no seats and tables, but this place is not about comfort. It’s all about feeding the soul and satisfying the stomach.

So, the big question, who serves the best chole bhature in the city?  The answer – Meghnath Yadav does.

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