WOW! Women on wheels is wonderful


Next time you need go somewhere why not give Women on Wheels a try?  Not only will this company get where you want to go safely and in comfort, you’ll also be supporting an awesome organisation achieve amazing things with inspiring women.

Need to car to get somewhere?  Tap a smartphone to secure an Uber or Ola or call a black and yellow or tourist cab, but Dilli’s women should also know about another choice when it comes to moving safely around the city.

Women on Wheels (WOW) is travel provider that can take you where you want to go whilst giving you a nice, warm glow for no extra cost.  Run by Sakha Wings Consulting, WOW offers safe transport solutions for women, by women.

Created through the combined efforts of the Azad Foundation and Sakha, WOW empowers disadvantaged women to become self-sustaining professional drivers.

The Azad Foundation provides transformational training that gives women driving skills as well as self-empowerment support through self-defence, first aid, legal and women’s rights training.

And once the women are prepared and ready to hit the road, it’s over to Sakha, Azad’s sister concern, who provide employment in private chauffeur placements and through Sakha Cabs for Women

Impressed?  You’re not the only one.  Former British Prime Minister David Cameron, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Her Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are amongst the clients that have called upon WOW services.

Bollywood icon Aamir Khan has even featured Women on Wheels and on his popular Satyamev Jayate TV show.

So far Women on Wheels has support over 700 women across India through its various self empowerment programmes.  These women have been given a chance to turn their lives around, and in some cases have doubled or even quadrupled their family income, have learnt to say “NO” to violence and have the opportunity to improve education and health provision for their children, themselves and their families.

Laxmi, one lady who received training under the Women on Wheels Programme and who is now employed as a Chauffer with the Women’s Helpline Programme, has seen her life turnaround since signing up to the initiative.

“Earlier I accepted violence because I believed it is every woman’s lot. During training we learnt about women’s rights, women’s bodies, self- defense and I started protesting against the beating and mental torture.

The team at Azad also came and talked to my family several times. I told my family clearly “no matter what you do, I am not going to stop my training!” Read Laxmi story by clicking here.

Not only does Azad and Sakha work with women to make meaningful change happen, there’s also a programme with men that is also aimed at making change happen.

The Men for General Equality Programme in Delhi and Jaipur works with young, resource poor men so that they can become change agents and actively contribute to creating a gender just society.

As of 31st March 2016, Sakha had a fleet of 15 cars in Delhi and Jaipur with 92 drivers in placement in Delhi, Jaipur and Indore

Sure, WOW doesn’t have the size, scale and reach of companies like Uber, Ola, Black and Yellow and White taxis, but it has something special at its heart that no of these companies can offer and touch.

Next time you think taking a car, think about how you could contribute to something bigger by booking with WOW.

Want to support WOW? 

Then head along to the Women on Wheels fundraiser Mamma Mia Again! at the Shri Ram Centre, Mandi House, over three days starting on the 8th December.

For more information click here and to book tickets go online at bookmyshow




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