Inspiring speakers at TEDxDelhi


A child marriage survivor who is changing lives for others in her village, a mother who travelled solo to end her depression and helps thousands of others do the same and a cancer survivor who has built a business worth US$70 million are amongst the speakers sharing their stories at TEDxDelhi 2016. 

Amazing stories from exta-ordinary people who are making a massive difference to the life of others is what TEDx is all about.

TEDxDelhi has chosen the topic of humanity as its theme for its 7th edition and, according to the organisors, attendees at this inspiring event will have the chance to hear movers disrupters, ideators and inventors who will  share something that’s world changing and definetly an “idea worth spreading”.

Taking place on 11th December at the Indian Habitat Centre, TEDxDelhi includes a

– A cancer survivor who built a 70M dollar company,

– A 15 year old asteroid hunter, a Robotist – and his invention – a humanoid, who scores world’s many firsts,

– A mother who solo travelled to end her depression and helped thousands others.

– A child marriage surviving warrior who is changing lives for many others in her village.

– The most versatile artist in the world, who has changed his medium successfully many times.

– A speaker who speaks about the unknown side of climate change.

– How a man is building 1 million social enterprises

As well as having the chance to hear inspiring speakers, attendees  at TEDxDELHI will also get the chance to watch performances by upcoming artists who will be showcasing new art forms on the day.

The full day, starting at 9am and finishing at 6pm, also includes two networking breaks, lunch and high tea.

Tickets are required for entry and can be purchased by clicking on this linkMore information can be found on Facebook.



Imagery sourced from TEDx Delhi.  Thanks


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