Great gift shops


Wondering what gifts to get friends or loved ones?  Or fancy treating yourself?  Fret not, this handy little guide will give you the answers.

Here’s some shops and places where you can pick up something for the special people in your life.

After antiques?  Sundar Nagar is where you should go

Located near to Delhi Zoo, this U shaped market is the place to purchase antiques, curiosities and handicrafts.  It’s dusty and dirty and you’ll need to rummage about, but look around and you could be rewarded with that perfect gift (click here for a map).

Bikaner House  for that little bit of luxury.

Vayu – Design for Living, opened an exclusive boutique here in November 2015 and its been getting rave reviews ever since.   It’s fashionable, exclusive and all about quality, so be warned the prices match that description.

Don’t forget the three expat favourites!

Fab India, Anohki and Good Earth could  answer your prayers for Christmas inspiration.  You won’t need too much luck to find something for someone you love in these three super shops.  Find out what’s sold and where by clicking on this post.   

Mehar Chand Marg is made for gift shopping

This swanky street in South Delhi is challenging Khan Market for the title of best shopping space in the city.   Find out what’s what at this Namaste New Delhi market guide.

There are plenty of places to refresh with fabulous food, wine and cake.  Sounds like a pretty good place to go shopping if you ask me.

Books are always a great gift, no?

Everyone loves a good book so why not leave your laptop where it is and head out to one of these five brilliant bookshops to browse the shelves and take home something that will give hours of pleasure?  Click here for fabulous Delhi bookshops that will sort you out.

Should I head to Connaught Place?  Yes you should

Big and bustling, CP is slap bang in the centre of New Delhi.  It’s also home to some great gift shops.  Kamala, The People Tree, The Shop, Khadi Gram Udyog Bhawan and the Cottage Emporium are excellent places to shop and pick up something super.  Find out more about them by clicking on this post

Shopping Malls might also provide an answer

The halls of consumerism  could offer up the ideas, inspiration and a clean sweep of gift shopping in one swoop.  Want to know where the malls are and what’s what, then take a look at this link.

Lota, the shop at the Craft Museum is creative and cool

The Craft Museum has a museum shop that’s not to be sniffed at.  Stocking handicrafts from across the sub-continent, at fixed prices, this is a place that sits comfortably on any shopping list

It’s no-where near a big as The Cottage Emporium on Janpath (near CP), but it doesn’t need to be.  What’s here works perfectly well.  The website and links are pretty poor, but you won’t regret visiting.  A run down of what’s what, can be found at this web page.

Intach, around the back of Lodi Road

The Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (click here for a map) houses a little shop that’s stocked with treasures Gifts for the kids to practice their creativity are a favourite, but there’s more in this little corner of INTACH than initially catches the eye.  Why not come here when visiting to Mehar Chand Marg?

Frazer and Haws, Silversmith

Yashwant Place might well be jam packed with jewellers, but if you want high end from a jeweller of note then Frazer and Haws in Lodhi Colony Main Market offers up an answer.  With shops in Mumbai and Delhi, this jeweller caters for the discerning buyer with an eye for detail (and plenty of  cash)  Here’s the website and here’s the address.

All the tea in India is stocked in Mittals

A cracking tea house, with stores in Sundar Nagar and Lodi Colony, Mittals will brew you cup after cup as you taste, select and try again. Shop 8 on the south side of Lodi Colony Main Market.  What’s not to like about a shopping trip where you drink tea?  More on the Mittal’s website.

Khan Market has to be on this list somewhere

Arguably Delhi’s premier market space, listing the A-Z of shops and places to buy here isn’t going to be a great help.  Get out  there, wander around, window shop and see what takes you fancy.  There’s something  for everyone, but you know that things are always going to cost more in Khan Market because, well, it’s Khan Market.  Click here for a map

Now all you have to do is shop.  Stop to eat.  And sit back and relax when the shopping has been done.

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