Book review: Adventures in a Megacity by Sam Miller


BBC journalist Sam Miller loves Delhi.  He also loves walking.  So, he decided to combine his two loves and set off on a spiraling walk around the city.  The result is a rambling book about Delhi’s history, its beauty and its brilliant people.

Does Sam Miller love walking more than he loves Delhi?

It is difficult to decide.  In Adventures in a Mega-city, Miller combines his two loves and lets his eye for detail loose on a city he had called home for the past decade.

As Miller makes his way through the city’s streets and alleys, he describes in detail what he sees, who he meets and what he thinks it all means.

There’s the story of poo on his shoe courtesy of the CP poo thrower (I’ve come a cropper to this same scam), the man selling watches in a bucket full of water and story of the Campa cola protesters in Shanker Market turning up to a deserted factory to protest about not being paid.

Miller might not cover every square inch of Delhi surface, but he’s given it an damn good go.  Along the way he’s met many fascinating people.  He also falls in the odd man hole cover, finds out why a puppy loves liking his shoe so much (the reason is grim by the way) and figures out that sometimes it’s best not to understand why something is happening.

The Financial Times says it’s “A throughly entertaining book about a fascinating city.”

We’d have to agree.

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