Market Guide: Khanna Market


Located south of Lodi Road on Second Avenue, Khanna Market is one long strip of a street where the shops and stores stock almost everything you need (and a little bit more). 

Khanna Market is a market that’s made for serving your every day to day household needs. Add in its warm, friendly vibe and great art scene and you’ll want to make this a regular place to hang out.

The streets and avenues around this market were recently transformed by the Street + Art Project.  World famous graffiti artist descended on the area to take over the walls of its residential blocks and use them as urban canvases.

Apart from art, add in some tasty hotels serving south Indian, Peshwari and Punjabi, and you’ve got this place licked.  Also take note, the king of coconut burfi, Booby ji, can be found right here in this market at an awesome sweet house.

What’s what

There’s just too much to list on Khanna market, so cloth houses, chemists, shoe shops, opticians, phone shops and many conveneince type stores aren’t included in this market guide.  But do note that there’s a walla who’ll repair suitcases, bag, zips and more whose next door to the Apollo chemist.

And if you’re after washing machines, AC units, air purifiers, fridges and other white goods, then walk down the street as there are at least three or four vendors who’ll be happy to help you out.

Starting at the north end and heading south

Ashok K Vadhera – This office come shop kicks off Khanna market.  A lawyer by trade, there’s an office at the back if you want to discuss legal matters.  But at the front there’s a thriving photocopying business for all those forms you need to fill in time and time again…..

Golden Bakery – Are they golden?  They certainly are.  These boys stock Karachi Fruit Biscuits that come all the way from Hyderabad.  These fruit biscuits aren’t bad, they’re plain evil.  Once you open the packet you won’t be able to stop.

Bansi Flour Mill – Atta for roti, spices for khana, jams for scones, anything you want grinding (food) that is , Bansi Flour mill has it or will do it.  Fresh and fine.  A great place to know about.

Rama Stores – Run by Mr Rama, this place comes up trumps for any type of metal kitchen item or household good you might be interested in.  Rama ji also stocks plastics, tuppaware, glass and crockery for everyday household use.  If you want something ask, because Rama ji might well be the man to get it for you.

Sharma ji at Amul Stores – Mr Sharma stocks Indian food items and offers a massive smile to all his customers.  Even if you don’t want anything, call in and buy something just to meet this smiley shopkeeper.

Jagdish Studio: After somewhere to print your snaps, but don’t want to pay Khan Market prices?  Jagdish will do the job for you.  The more you want printed the more chance of a discount.  And remember, if you don’t ask you won’t get.

Archies : After cards, gift wrapping, gift ideas and stationary?  Give Archies a go.  If you want to know more about this chain of shops click on this link.

Jagdish (not to be confused with the photography shop): Jagdish will repair your watch, sell you a new strap and can be relied upon to provide some pretty funky looking clocks.  He’ll also top up your mobile too.

Hot Chimney Restaurant – AC restaurant serving a pretty standard fare of north Indian and Chinese.  Should you eat here?  It’s solid but you won’t rave about it to your friends and neighbours.

Krishan Sweets – This is the stall to go to if you are after sweet stuff on Khanna Market.  Simple as that.  Krishan’s at number 67, serves uppotentially the best coconut burfi in the business.  And that’s a big claim when he’s up against competition like this in the city. The boss, big bald headed Bobby ji, is a fine fellow too.

If you are after Chai, the wallah at Krishan serves up a great adraki chai.  Sweets and Chai.  It’s a lethal combination.  There’s also a great phone top up guy at this corner too.  It’s a good place to hang out drink tea, eat sweets and chat.

Bhoj Restaurants and Sweethouse:  This place is pretty damn good, but he’s opposite Krishans who take my prize.  Nevertheless, a solid sweet house that’s packed at festival time.  There’s another good chai walla on the street by Bhoj.

Shalimar Paints – Mr Singh stocks paint (no surprises there), but he’s also a hardware store that will sell you all sorts of bits and pieces to help with household repairs and improvements.  He doesn’t stock tools, but he does stock metal chains.  If you want tools go to Bhogal, Kotla or Ajmeri Gate.

Bangla Sweet Corner – Is this the best north Indian food joint on the strip?  Probably, but it’s not one to really rave about.  It’s mains are good and so are its sweets.  . 

I am the egg man – On the corner is the egg wholesaler who takes his truck to Chandigarh every day and brings it back loaded with eggs.  Selling from his stall, supplying other shops in the area and cooking up omelettes for hungry khanna market workers, his stall is pretty easy to spot.

Gopi and Vickys Grocery Stall – A few stalls down from the egg man, almost opposite the Mandir, is the finest grocery stall in the city.  I’m biased, because I buy fabulous fruits and veggys from these two big brothers a couple of times a week.  But I go there for a reason.  They’re great guys with a super team and they sell good produce.  What’s not to like about that?  If you want paneer ask for it, it’s in the fridge at the back. 


Gopi and Vicky – Are these the best grocers in Delhi.  They could well be.

Peshwari Restaurant – This take away joint offers Indian, chinese and Mughali Khanna and does a good job of it.  The Khadi Paneer is spicy as it should be, the paneer tikka roll is good and the channa masala is solid.

Anand Pushtak Bhandar – After educational books, paper, stationary, flags or other stuff for the house, office or a party, then Anand Pushtak could well have the answer.  He stocks all sorts of stuff in his shop, but goodness knows how he finds it.

Allied Fruit and Vegetables – A recent arrival, this grocery store offers vegetables and fruits behind a glass window and door.  It looks a little out of place, a shop built for Khan Market that got lost in Khanna.  It changes the character of the street and not for the better – in my opinion.  Let’s hope other stores don’t follow its example.

Chidambarams New Madras Hotel – We’re almost at the end of Second Avenue and here you’ll be rewarded with Chidambarams New Madras Hotel, a south Indian family run eatery that serves up some seriously scrumptious dishes.  It’s so good that it’s reserved a place on NND’s top six south Indian eateries.  Check out this post to find out more.

Puri Brothers  Food and Vegetables – Mr Puri is a pukka sabji walla who offers up fresh well priced vegetables and fruits.  My 94 year old neighbour talks of Mr Puri in glowing terms.  She’s a lady that knows a thing or two about almost everything.  .

Khanna market isn’t over at the junction.  Cross over Najakhan Road at the south of end of Second Ave and you’ll head straight into New Khanna Market. This little extension should not be ignored.  Its home to a brilliant biscuit house, a watch repair man and perhaps the finest coffee house in the city.

Pet Space – On the corner this is the place that will cater for your cat and dog.  Food stuff, toys and games for furry friends of all shapes and sizes. Contact details at this website, but the website itself needs some work.

Frontier biscuits – This eggless bakery really knows how to bake a biscuit.   Coconut and Pista (Pistachio) biscuits are pretty good and they also do a line in biscotti. Head on over to the website to find out more

Jagdamba Watch Co – He’s not the happiest shopkeeper, but he’ll sell you a mobile phone, clock or watch, and repair damaged items and replace watch batteries for a bargain price.  You might not get a smile, but you’ll get what you want at rock bottom prices.

Khurana Crockery Corner – This purveyor of plastic items, crockery and anything for the kitchen is a place to visit when you want something for the house, but don’t know where to get it.  Out back there’s plenty in this shop, so if you can’t see what you are looking for then ask.

Devan’s Coffee House – The aromatic and alluring smell of freshly ground coffee wafting down the street is not a smell associated with most Delhi marketplaces.

Hidden away among the tent houses and motorbike repair shops is an amazing coffee roaster.  Devan’s is also a stockist of Bhuira Jams.  A jam that could well lay claim to being the best Jams in the whole wide world.  Take a look at this post to learn a little bit more about this popular place.

And that’s that, the NND’s little tour of this cracking market has come to a close.  Enjoy Khanna Market  It’s a great place to go too.

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