Feed me – North Indian and Punjabi powerhouses

With so many places serving up top notch North Indian and Punjabi food it’s been almost impossible limiting this list to just ten places.  But we’ve done it and here are the answers.

North Indian and the Punjab has given so much to Indian cuisine that understanding where to start is half the battle.

There’s dal makhani, butter chicken, sarson ke saag with makki roti, chole bhature, rajma chawal, paneer tikka and tandoori chicken to name just a few firm family favourites.

The list of could go on, and on and on.  So to help you find the best menus, here’s the top ten places for North Indian and Punjabi in the capital

On the street – Meghnath Yadav takes chole bhature to the next level

Trading around the side of Goyal Mandir, a Hindu Temple in Khan Market, Meghnath Yadav’s street stall has been serving up chole bhature to hungry shop workers, religious devotees and loyal customers for the past 40 years.

This awesome street stall can’t be beaten for flavour, fun and value.  A must visit.  And all that for a mere 40 rupees.  Check out this post to find out more about this marvellous place.

Dhaba / Hotel – Sethi’s Family Restaurant, Rajouri Garden, is basically brilliant

Head on up to north Delhi’s Rajouri Garden for dinner at Sethi’s and you want regret making the trip.


A dhaba with an outdoor dining area complete with plastics and chairs, this place isn’t interested in making the surroundingpleasant.  The energy is invested in making sure the food is up to scratch.

Saying that, in the summer the outdoor dining areas array of huge fans could blow you away! But you’ll hang on in there, feet planted firmly to the floor, because Sethi’s Restaurant and Bar-be-que is delicious.

Click here for a map, contact details and opening hours.

Dhaba / Hotel – God bless Ganesha’s Sweet House, Mehar Chand Marg

Owner, Soshiel Vig, and the team that runs this place know more than a thing or two about how to create the sugary delights that India is world famous for, but Ganesha is more than just a sweethouse (albeit a brilliant one).

It’s also a dhaba serving up superb pure veg food that brings a big, bright smile to the faces of its loyal customers.  The Khadi Paneer is up there amongst the best you’ll find.  Want to know more, take a look at this post for more details and a map.

Dhaba / Hotel – Kaka de Hotel is why you want to go Connaught Place

CP has plenty of posh eateries and fast food joints, but Kaka Da Hotel is where you go to eat if you are in the know.

Cooking desi ghee classics direct on coal (okay, it’s not good for the air pollution) this place has been pleasing customers since 1931.  The people queuing up outside are a testament to this dhaba’s distinct nature and delightful food.  Five stars.

If you disagree with me, take it up with the Great Khali, India’s WWF wrestling sensation.  He dines here.  Click here for a map, contact details and opening hours.

Dhaba / Hotel – Veer Jee off Jor Bagh Road is all about the spice

If your into spice, don’t mind what your surroundings look like and are all about food and its flavours, then you won’t go wrong when heading into Veer Jee.  Off Jor Bagh Road, South Delhi, the phone at this place never stops ringing.

An army of takeaway boys take food out to the masses, so if the surroundings matter when you’re eating out, let the food come to you.

A little hard to find, it’s at H-63, BK Dutt Colony, Jor Bagh Lane, Jor Bagh.  Call Tel 011 24640071 or 9891013093 for menu and take away.  Located on the road leading south from the Indira Paryavaran Bhavan.

Restaurant: Moti Mahal Delux, Malcha Marg, Chankyapuri

Moti Mahel Deluxe claims to be one of the inventors of the now ubiquitous tandoori chicken as well as the maker of best butter chicken in business.

Sure, they are bold claims in a hotly contested market, but with a client list that includes Indian and foreign dignitaries, bollywood film stars and celebrities, Moti Mahel Delux must be doing something right.

Great food in great surrounding means this place has a winning ticket.   Restaurants around the capital, check out this link.

Restaurant – Krips, Basant Lok, present sheer Punjabi brilliance

A narrow, two level eatery in the fashionable South Delhi suburb of Basnat Lok, Krips is a place that more people should know about.

Starting out in 1982, this restaurant serves up veg and non veg delights for lunch and dinner.  Thalis take centre stage at lunch time and after that it’s over to a great line up of full flavoured curries.

Perfect with friends and family in the evening, or on your own after a shopping trip during the day.  Here’s a map to help you get there when you’re hungry.

Restaurant – Paratha Junction, Mehar Chand Marg is getting known for good reason

Dishes like Khanda Papad Paneer Tikka, Mutter Wali Tikka, Punjabi Tandoori Murg and Amritsari Malai Tikka make it difficult to get past the starters.  A new kid on the block, this recently opened restaurant is quickly establishing itself as one best places to tuck into tasty food on trendy Mehar Chand Marg.

Our advice is get yourself to 100 Mehar Chand Marg and give this place a go.  And remember, check out the specials.  Here’s the map to show you where to go.

Restaurant: Kwality, Regal Buildings, Parliament Street near Connaught Place

The word institution is thrown around far too frequently, but ever since PL Lamba started serving his favourite foods in 1940, Dilliwalahs have been queuing up to eat them.


Kwality proudly claims to offer the best Chole Bhature in the city (I reckon Yada’s pips then to the post) as well as a range of other delightful north Indian dishes. It’s Kadhi Paneer is particularly good, but find out more about this restaurant at its website.

Here’s a map to help guide you in.

Fine Dining – Bukhara is beyond words.  Let your taste buds do the talking.

This award winning restaurant has been feeding Dilliwalahs food from the North Western Frontier since 1978. The kitchen’s busy chefs can be seen cooking in clay ovens, whilst helpful, hospitable staff bring food to the table and encourage diners to eat with their hands.

bukharamaurya (1)

The Murgh Malai Kebab, Tandoori Phool and Tandoori Shimla Mirch are famed, but not more so than the Dal Bukhara. Cooked for 18 hours and said to be the best in the business.  It’s claimed that since opening in Bukhara have served 2.5 million dishes of this rich creamy dal.

There’s a number of restaurants at the ITC Maurya, but the only reason to go to them is if Bukhara is booked up.  Make a reservation to make sure you avoid disappointment.  Find out more and how to book by clicking here



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