Delhi Scams

Fresh faced expats and tourists offer up excellent opportunities for tricksters and touts to try things out to relieve you of your hard earned cash.  There’s seven Delhi scams I’ve come across in my time in the capital

Poo, my shoe and CP This is a classic CP (Connaught Place) trick where poo is literally thrown onto your shoe. Nice hey?  Here’s how it goes.

It’s closed today involves shops, opening hours and autowalahs – An autowallahs and taxi drivers favourite is to tell you where you want to go is closed. But don’t worry, they’ll be happy to be your  guide and take you to a place that is open.  How kind is that?  Not that kind really.  Find out why here.

No, it’s not a tourist information office – This scam involves overly helpful young men and shops pretending to be something that they are not.  Read more about it here.

How many Dilli Haats are there? This  scam is all about shopping at Dilli Haat, but which one will you be taken too?  Another scam involving the autowalah.

Show me your ticket – This is about men who are nothing to do with Indian Railways wanting to see your ticket at New Delhi Railway Station. Wondering why?  So are we. 

The meter is broken Another scam from our friend the autowallah (though taxi drivers do this too).  A broken meter means there is chance to charge a unfair price.  It’s pretty harmless, but here’s how it works and how to negotiate a fairer deal.

Paddling bills and weights and measures The final scam concerns convenience stores, paddling bills and weights and measures.  Wondering what it is?  Read on. 





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