February food fests for your diary


Keep to your exercise regime in January, so you can reward yourself at these four food festivals in February.  Yum.  Lets eat.

 In a couple of weeks the weather will be warmer and it will be time for al-fresco eating.  To get your taste buds in the mood four there’s four food festivals happening in February.  Here’s what’s what and the dates to mark in your diary.


Lloyd Palate Fest from 10th – 12th February

Palate Fest was a high profile victim of the demonitiasation drive, but the organisers vowed to put the show back on and they are.  In mid February head on over to Nehru Park for a multitude of culinary delights, some music, cookery lessons and lots more fun.  Follow the festival on Facebook.


Asian Hawkers Food Festival, 10 – 12th February

Palate Fest finishes goes head to head with Asian Hawkers, but you can do both.  This festival brings the best of Chinese, Japanese, Thai and South-East Asian cuisines to at Select City Walk, New Delhi.   


The Gourmet High Street Festival, 10th -12th February

Can you fit three food festival in over one weekend?  In Gurugram (not Gurgaon folks!)  DLF Cyber Hub plays host to the Gourmet High Street Festival.

There’s a cooking studio, a barbeque party, a sipping turf and plenty to eat.  Master chefs like Snajeev Kapoor will be here.  Find out more on Facebook or on the festival website.


Ten Heads Festival

We are not sure when the 10 Heads Festival is happening, but we are promised it’s coming soon in 2017.  Offering up ten festivals at one venue, it’s in the list because one of those ten is, yes you, guessed it, a food festival.

Follow Facebook for dates and venue.  Let’s hope it’s not on the 10th – 12th February!


Thanks for the images.  All sourced from the respective Facebook sites of each of the festivals.




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