Faiths of India – Christianity


St Stephen’s Church, Church Mission Marg by Varun Shiv Kapur

Christianity is the world’s biggest religion with around 2 billion followers who follow the teaching of Jesus Christ.  India is home to almost 280 million Christians which is about 2.3% of the country’s population.

 Christianity is the dominant religion in the North East states of Nagaland, Mizoram, Meghalaya and Manipur, and there are also significant Christian populations in Arunachal Pradesh, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Goa and the Andaman Nicobar Islands.

Places of worship

The Cathedral Of The Sacred Heart, a Roman Catholic Cathedral near Connaught Place.  Designed by a British architect, based on Italian architecture, construction began in 1930.   Click on the Churches website for more information.

The Cathedral Church of Redemption also known as the Viceroy’s Church is on Church Lane, New Delhi.  Designed by a British architect, it took 8 years to built and held its first service on Sunday, 18 January 1931.    The church website gives more information. 

The Anglican St James Church in Old Delhi, built in 1836 by Colonel James Skinner (and also known as Skinner’s Church), is one of the oldest Christian places of worship in the city.  Lying injured in battle in 1800, Skinner vowed that he would build a Church if he was saved.  St James is the result.  For more information click on this link.  It’s home to the graves of many Englishman who lived and served under the East India Company and the Crown.  Find out more on Wikipedia

St Stephen’s Church on Church Mission Road, just off Chandni Chowk was built in 1862 by Anglican missionaries.  It’s part of the compound of the famous St Stephen’s College and St Stephen’s Hospital. Constructed in an Italian Gothic architecture, it’s near to the Fatephur Mosque.  Find out more about St Stephen’s Church take a look at wiki pedia.

Want to know more?

Learn more about Christianity click on the overview provided by the BBC.


Photo credit: St Stephen’s Church, Church Mission Marg by Varun Shiv Kapur


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