Your Delhi Diary – Here’s what’s on this week


It’s cold out there, but there’s plenty to see and do during Delhi’s winter cold snap.  Now is the time to get exploring and see the city in a very different light.  Here’s some ways to help you do that over the next week.

Walking and Exploring – Tours and guides to help you discover Delhi

It’s cold now, but believe me the warm afternoons  will be here in no time.  That means it’s time to get out and about.  If you want to get to know Delhi, its history, its people and  start eating its yummy street food, here’s ten excellent ways to explore the city.

Lecture and Book Review – Roots of Yoga, 17 January

Speakers, Dr. James Mallinson is Senior Lecturer in Sanskrit and Classical Indian Civilisation whilst Dr. Mark Singleton is Senior Researcher in the department of Languages and Cultures of South Asia, both from SOAS, University of London.  Together they’ll give a talk about their new book Roots of Yoga (Penguin 2017).  Drawing on range of translations on yoga practice from well over a hundred texts, the book offers new insights into the development of yoga through the ages.  IIC website for more information.

Celebration  – Mark the 713th Urs Sharif of his holiness Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia at Nizamuddin’s Tomb, Nizamuddin until Thursday 19th

Urs Sharif marks the death anniversary of Hazrat khwaja syed Nizamuddin Aulia, a renowned sufi saint born over 700 years ago.  Events marking the 713th Urs Sharif will take place from the 15th – 19th January.  For more information head on over to Facebook.

Shopping – DASTKAR, Design Fair until the 23rd January

It’s a new year and the next cycle of craft fairs has already begun.  Regular readers of will know that we hold DASTKAR is high regard. At the DASTKAR Design Fair you’ll find 80 designers who’ll help build up your gift draw after the hit it took over Christmas and New year. Find out more on Facebook.

Film – British Film Institute Screening of Shakespeare’s King Lear, 18th January

Having decided to split his kingdom between his three daughters, King Lear decides to divide up the lands according to which daughter best expresses her love for him.  Two daughters heap praise on the old man, but one refuses.  Watch what happens at the British Council’s screening of  Peter Brook’s film. Find out more on Facebook.

Gardening – Learn about Urban Farming and get  your fingers dirty at the Edible Farm on the 19th January

What’s the difference between a kyaari and a raised bed?  What’s an ideal gamla size to grow pumpkins? How much should I mulch my mooli? Don’t know the answers.  Neither do we.  This hands on workshop from the Edible Farm promises to answer all your questions and more.  Taking place on the 19th January.  Find out more on Facebook.

Festival – India Art Festival, 19th -22nd at Thayagraj Stadium, INA Colony

India Art Festival features close to 50 art galleries from Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmadabad, Jaipur and few overseas countries. Find out more at this website.

Music – Learn Jazz at Alliance francias de delhi on 19th January

You want to understand the basics of Jazz improvisation or to play a groovy blues?  You do.  Then go and meet silver flute player Samuel Bricault at Alliancefrancaise de delhi.  More on Facebook.

Music – Rafiq Khan Langa at Lodi Garden Restaurant, 20th January

Mohd Rafiq Langa is a renowned exponent of the traditional Rajasthani Folk instrument called Khartaal. Nationally and internationally acclaimed, he started playing publically at age 10.  It’s free entry. Call +91 9818743232 for more details or look at Facebook.

Bird Walk – The BNHS C invites birders to Okhla Bird Sanctuary,

Okhla Bird Sanctuary is a seasonal home to several migratory birds who will be flocking by the lake. Time: 7.00 a.m. to 9.30 a.m. Fee: 350/- For Registration Contact: Mr. Ishtiyak Ahmed, Education Officer on 011-26042010/ 9958549109, 8800741867. Email  More information on Facebook.

Men without Shadows, 22nd January

Men Without Shadows by Jean Paul Sartre’s tells the story of five imprisoned French resistance fighters who failed to liberate a village.  One by one they are called in for questioning by their captors.  A play depicting the impact of war on humanity at the Shri Ram Centre.  For more information head on over to Book my Show.


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