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Is it a bitd?  Is it a plane?  No it’s a man on a bike transporting shoe racks.

Coconut Jaggery that fights pollution, service charges at restaurants that no longer need to be paid, cleaning products made from holy cow urine, the expanding Delhi Metro and the great wall of India are amongst the stories that caught our eye this week.

Here’s a run-down of some of the stories that have caught our eye over the last week or so.

Restaurant Service Charge doesn’t have to be paid

Restaurateurs that pocket Service Charge rather than pass it onto waiters (bearers) will not be happy this week.  The government has decided that Service Charge does not need to be paid, as reported by the Times of India.

This doesn’t mean that dinners for diners have suddenly got cheaper, it means we have the chance to pass cash tips directly to waiting staff rather than wondering whether the money ever reaches them.  That has to be a good thing, no?

Pollution beating coconut jaggery.

Wondering what could win the war against air pollution?  I bet you never thought coconut jaggery would be the secret weapon. According to the packaging on Bebe Jaggery this sweet thing helps fight pollution.   I suppose anything is worth a go.  It also controls high BP too. This is amazing stuff.

Great news – more lines are about to open on the Delhi Metro

Delhi Metro’s Phase 3 project will see 140km of new line, built at a cost of over 40,000 INR crore,  become operational by the end of the year.   Two brand new corridors, a Pink Line and a Magenta Line, along with an extension to the Violet Line (called the Heritage Line) are expected to push up passenger numbers up to around 4 million a day.

The Magenta Line, from Botanical Garden to Kalkaji, and the Heritage Line (from ITO to Kashmeri Gate) will open in February 2017.  Other lines will open in phases from June through to September 2017.  Exciting times ahead.  Excellent.  Well done Delhi Metro.

Connaught Place is (well it might be) going car free for 3 months (or a few days)

A three month plan to make Delhi’s the inner and middle circle of Delhi’s iconic Connaught Place car free for 90 days could be cut to a matter of days it appears.

In an interview with the Hindustan Times, New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) chairman Naresh Kumar said, “We have to be pragmatic. If the situation goes haywire, then we might have to call it off earlier. Execution is definitely a challenge. However, we are hopeful it will work.”

Traders have opposed the move saying the plan would hit the outer circle harder and would cause a huge slump in trade.  All in all it could mean that the three month plan could be cut short to a couple of days, concludes the HT.

Your chance to become an autowallah has arrived

10,000 auto rickshaw permits are up for grabs.  The Transport Department, Government of NCT of Delhi, is inviting applications  over the next month.  So, that means 10,000 more autowallahs will be on the streets soon.

Patanjali launches new cleaner with a special ingredient; holy cow urine

Gonyle, a household floor cleaner from Patanjali Ayurved Limited, was launched last week and was heavily advertised.  Consumers were advised to stop punishing their hands with chemical based phenyl and embrace Gonyle with its cleaning and cleansing properties.

Wondering what’s in it?  “Made from holy cow urine, eucalyptus, pine oil, lemon grass and anti-bacterial herbs,” reads the advertisement.  It’s irked quite a few people claims the Indian Express.

And finally, an 80km wall in India has been dubbed “The Great Wall of India”

A 80km wall has been discovered in Madhya Pradesh – second only in length to the Great Wall of China.  Some stretches of the wall are 15 metres high whilst others are in ruins.  It seems no one knows who or why the wall was built or what it was intended for.  Experts say more secrets will be revealed by the wall that’s just been found.


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