Love biscuits? You’ll fall in love with these bakers


What’s the best biscuit to take with your chai or cup of tea?  Here’s a run down of the bakers that make the best biscuits in the city.

If you’ve got a chai problem (which in other words means you can’t ever drink enough), you’ll probably have a biscuit problem too (which means you eat far too many).

We’ve got both, but it’s all in aid of research.  Our quest is to find the best chai walahs and biscuit makers in the city.  Here’s the bakers that make the cut.

 Award winner – Golden Bakery, Old Delhi

A relatively recent find this place takes top spot – no questions.

One day when singing the praises of Aoulia bakery in the lanes of Nizamuddin, a man took me to the side to share something in secret.  Speaking quietly, he agreed that his neighbour Aoulia was an amazing, but he went on to say there was an even better baker in the city.

He instructed me to get myself down to the Golden Bakery, just off from the Jama Masjid, in the lanes of Old Delhi.  It was here the my secret biscuit source went when he wanted something extra special.

Boy!  Was he right!  The Golden bakery has been serving up locals what they want for coming on 50 years.  Owner Mohd Aaqil and his gang make what we reckon are best Nan Khatai in the business (20INR per 100grams), whilst the coconut biscuit makes us cry out loud for more (at 30 INR per 100g).

The Golden Bakery also make cakes, muffins and rolls.  During Ramzan special breads (coconut bread and dry fruit bread) and cakes (plum cake) are added to the menu.

Where is it?  At shop No.543, Matiya Mahal Bazar, Chandni Chowk, Hauz Qazi, Old Delhi, New Delhi, Delhi (state) 110006

Deserving of special mention – Aoulia bakery, Nizamuddin Basti

Aoulia bakery in Nizamuddin Basti may have lost top spot to the Golden Bakery, but these truly brilliant biscuit bakers deserve an extra special mention because they lost by the narrowest of margins.

I’ve must have munched my way though kilos of Aoulia’s soft, sweet and crunchy biscuits.

Soft, sweet and fluffy on the outside, firming up in the middle to deliver a good crunch, the nan khatai is always in my shopping basket (14INR per 100grams).  It’s invariably joined by the coconut biscuit (20INR per 100g) and the thicker, chunkier and crunchier, Badam (Almond) (24INR per 100g).  It’s closer to my home than the Golden Bakery in Old Delhi, so when I need my biscuit fix these boys are my dealers.

Where is it?  Aoulia, Shop No 194, Main Bazaar, Basti Hazrat Nizamuddin, New Delhi -13.  This google map will give you some idea, but as you’ll see when you look at the link this place is going to involve some trial and error. My advice, ask the locals to direct you to Mothers Dairy Milk Shop and then get them to guide in from there.    It took me months to remember how to get here!

Best of the packets – Frontier biscuits, across the NCR

Frontier is an egg less biscuit brand that’s loved so much so that there’s now a chain of shops dotted around the capital.    Started by the late Mr Mangal Sain in 1921 in what is now West Pakistan, the business and carried on by his son Mr. Munshi Ram Sethi.  Post partition Mr Sethi moved to India and set up a bakery in Sadar Bazar, Old Delhi.

Pista (Pistachio), Coconut, Coco Kaju (Cashew) are among our favourites.  It’s also worth nothing that these biscuit makers have a damn good biscoti on their books. And they do a nice line in namkeen too.

Gift packs, called Shubh Shagun are great for those that love tea and biscuits.

Where are they? Frontier can be found right across the capital and there are outlets in Harayana, the Punjab and Gujarat.  For more information on store location, here’s the link.

India wide award winner – Karachi Bakery , Hyderabad


Once the box is open these biscuits will soon be history.

This biscuit maker was found whilst foraging around Hyderabad.  A few minutes later my hands were overloaded with bags of Karachi Bakery biscuits.  The best of a pretty impressive bunch of biscuits has to be the fruit biscuit, but make sure you make time to sample the full range.

Since 1953, Karachi Bakery has been building an impressive reputation. Today,  this baker claims to be a true icon of Hyderabad baking.  Who are we to disagree?

The good news for Dilliwalahs, is you don’t have to head to Hyderabad to get your hands on these biscuits.  Get yourself down to the Golden Bakery in Khanna Market who stock a selection of Karachi Bakery’s finest biscuits (please note, this is not the same as the Golden Bakery in Old Delhi – sadly its homemade biscuits don’t match up to its namesake).

If you’re looking for an excuse to visit Hyderabad (aside from the Nizam’s Palace, the Char Minar and the special Biryani), Karachi Bakery is a good enough reason to go.

Store: Stores across Hyderabad.  Take a look at this link.

Stockist in Delhi: Golden bakery, 101, Khanna Market, Lodhi Colony, New Delhi, Delhi 110003. Phone: 011 2469 4314.  


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