Things to see and do in Delhi this week


There’s a massive event taking place on the 26th as India celebrates Republic Day and there’s loads more happening in the city over the next few weeks.  Come in and take a look.

Special Event: Republic Day – 26th January

One of, if not, the biggest day of the  year.  On the 26th January 1950 the Constitution of India come into force to replace the Government of India Act (1935). This day was chosen as it marked the day that the Indian National Congress claimed the Declaration of Indian Independence in 1930.   Find out more facts about Republic Day and settle down on the sofa to watch the spectacle on the TV with some chai

Film: Talking rocks caves of Badami, at the IGNCA on 27th January

IGNCA hosts the Talking Rocks of Badami, a film about the awesome rock-cut sculptures of the Badami caves in the Bijapur district of Karnataka. Created under the rule of Calukya King Mangalesha in the sixth century CE.  For more, head on over to Facebook.

Shopping:  Handcrafted products from different clusters of India, until 29th January

Handloom Haat, the huge building on Janpath (as you approach CP ), but that’s hidden away behind rows of blue fronted shops, hosts this haat showcasing handicrafts from different areas of India.

Shopping, music and more: Dilli Haat Utsav (festival) – Every Saturday and Sunday

Dilli Haat INA, Pitam Pura and Janakpuri promise an evening extravaganza of cultural programmes every Saturday and Sunday from 5.30pm until 7.30pm.  There’s also the chance to shop at the markets and eat at the food halls.

Gardening: Bagwani (Gardening) Utsav (festival) at Janakpuri Dilli Haat, 26th – 29th January

Get everything for your garden and get your rooftop terrace ready for the flowers at the Gardening Festival.  Wondering where it is?  Near Tihar Jail.  Here’s a map.

Film Screening: Zen, 27th January

A film based on Otani Tetsuo historical novels telling the story of a the Zen monk called Dogen, and how he spreads the the Soto school of Zen Buddhism across Japan.  At the Japan Foundation.  For more information head here.

Book fair: Noir Literature Festival, Oxford Book Store, 27th – 29th January

Delhi book fair has come to a close but there’s more for bookworms this month at the Oxford Book Store in CP.  Find out more on Facebook.

Exploring Delhi: In search of the Djinns at Feroz Shah Kotla, 27th January

This walk takes in the tales of Sultans and Fakirs, heritage and mysticism in Delhi’s 5th City.  Find out more about the Djinns, where they can be found and why people offer coins, milk and meats to appease them.  More on Facebook.

Film: Screening of Fight Club, 28th Janaury

“The first rule of fight club is you don’t talk about fight club.”  So, the less said the better.  Screening of this classic movie at the Sunset Cinema Club in Hauz Khas Village.  Find out more at this link.

Discussion and debate: UN Young Changemakers Conclave, 28th January

The United Nations Young Change Makers Conclave is a platform to engage with eminent leaders from the field of business, politics, media, sport, development, media and the arts. The theme for 2017s dialogue explores the role of business, government and social entrepreneurs in achieving sustainable development goals.  Find out more at the website.

Music: Mix the City – British Council, 29th January

12 Afghan musicians perform from the diverse musical styles and influences that form the rich tapestry of Afghan music. Mix the City is an award-winning interactive musical experience connecting music, cities, creativity and people and has been created across 6 countries.  Find out more on Facebook.

Shopping festival (with food!): The White Shirt Fair, 29th January

At Fio, the fine garden restaurant and bar at the Garden of Five Senses.   From mid-day on Sunday afternoon, there’s the chance to shop, eat, drink and be merry at this winter fair hosted by Fio.  At 8pm stalls will disappear and an evening of entertainment awaits.  Find out more on Facebook.

Art and Craft: The Gond Tribal Painting course, 29th January

Gond art is an expression of everyday quest for life where songs and words dance on canvas, colours and patterns make musical harmony.  Led by Kailash Kumar Pradhan, a  Gond artist from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.  Held at Zorba the Buddha, Gurugram.  Find out more on Facebook.  Open for anyone above 8 yrs, Children below the age of 16 yrs should be accompanied by adults.

Shopping: Knotty Tales Pop Up at the Lodhi Hotel, 1st February

An entire day dedicated to the newest trends in fashion, food, decor, stationery, accessories and lifestyle. All under one roof.  Interested?  More on Facebook.

Gaming: India Gaming Show, 2nd – 5th February

India’s first ever gaming show takes place at Pragati Maiden.  Play the latest games, on the best hardware and take part in gaming contests. Find out more on the website.

Art: India Art Fair, from the 2nd – 5th February

Held at the NSIC Grounds in Okhla this fair claims to be South Asia’s leading platform for modern and contemporary art and  portal to the region’s cultural landscape. Founded in 2008.  For more information visit the website or follow on the official Facebook feed .

Art and culture: Perspectives on Indian photography lecture series from the 4th February

Eleven illustrated lectures sessions, once a week, every Saturday at the Sanskriti Museum from the 4th February – 15th April.  Lecture followed by lunch. Find out more on Facebook.

Some more dates for your diary next month


India Design – 11th  – 19th February 2017

India Design celebrates the talent of upcoming and established designers and the brands of Incredible India. For a week every year in February, design districts across the city of New Delhi and the NSIC Grounds in Okhla become meeting place for traders from all across India. Find out more about India Design at the website.


Food festivals coming this February

Keep to your exercise regime in January and reward yourself at four food festivals in February.  Find out more about Palate Fest, Asian Hawkers, Gourmet Street Fest and Ten Heads at this link.

Focusing in on……Mehar Chand Market

Mehar Chand Market, Lodi Colony (unimaginatively called 5th Avenue on the street signage) is home to some of the coolest shops and the hottest eateries in the capital.  It’s another South Delhi market where you should shop, eat and be seen.  Find out who is there, what they sell and where at this link.



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