Brilliant books all about India

There’s too many books been written on India for this list to be anywhere near definitive  – so we haven’t event attempted to do that.  But these five books helped me to find me feet and figure out more about my surrounding when I first arrived in India  

An Indian Summer An incredibly well researched book by Alex Von Tunzelman that shines a light on the power plays, the politics and the people associated with the independence movement in India. A masterpiece.

Ocean of Cobras – Want to know what happened in the court of Shah Jahan in the 16th century as his sons squabbled and fought for power? Well, you need to hear the story of Mubarak Ali, a trusted eunuch in Shahjahan’s court who travelled freely between the warring factions. It’s told by author, Murad Ali Baigm.

Nine Lives – With so many brilliant books to his name, it was almost impossible to chose just one book from acclaimed UK historian and author, William Dalrymple. But in Nine Lives Dalrymple delivers something that’s really special.

Incarnations: India in fifty lives If you want to understand a country, get to know its people. In Incarnations – India in 50 Lives Sunil Khilnani tells the story of 50 great men and women who have helped make India what it is today

Adventure in a Mega-city BBC journalist Sam Miller loves Delhi. He also loves walking. So, he decided to combine his two loves and set off on a spiraling walk around the city. The result is a rambling book about Delhi’s history, its beauty and its brilliant people.

Book Buying

There are lots of great bookshops selling everything that you could ever want, at significantly cheaper prices than compared to many other countries.

Here’s a run down of my favourite places to mooch around and buy the odd book or two.

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