Market Guides from Namaste New Delhi

There are so many markets in the city it’s difficult to know where to start.  Namaste New Delhi’s Market Guides give you a run down of what’s what at Delhi’s neighbourhood markets and shopping malls.

Namaste New Delhi’s guide to Delhi’s markets and malls will give readers a flavour of what’s where and what’s on offer at Delhi popular markets and malls.

Basant Lok (also known as Vasant Lok) – A pretty solid market, but it’s looking a little dated now. Bless the four storey Osaba Emporium.  It’s a stairway to heaven for household appliances and reputedly stocks 3,000 separate lines.  There’s some supermarket like stores here too.

Defence Colony – Def Col, as it’s affectionately known by its fans, was built in the 1960s to house ex defence workers. Today it’s home to affluent Indians and a growing expatriate community.  It’s central market offers high end general stores, and plenty of restaurants, cafes and bars. It comes to life in the evenings

INA Market – INA stands for either the Indian National Army Market  or India National Airlines Market, depending on who you want to believe. I’ve no idea what the answer is. What I can tell you INA is a great place to get to know.

Jor Bagh Market – Jor Bagh Market is not massive, but what’s there is beautifully formed. It’s home to a butcher, a great little bookshop, a flower seller, a chemist and lots of banks. And then there’s Mochi, a magician who will repair your bags, shoes, handbags and a host of other stuff for a small fee

Khan Market: The lanes of Khan Market is the place where the wealthy from across the NCR, an expatriate crowd from the diplomatic enclave and tourists from around the world tend to congregate.

Khanna Market – Located south of Lodi Road on Second Avenue, Khanna Market is one long strip of a street where the shops and stores stock almost everything you need (and a little bit more).

Lodi Colony Main Market – Lodi Colony Main Market is home to three tasty restaurants, a tea house of some repute and a sports shop that sells everything you need to get fit and healthy. This latest NND market guide gives you the low down on what else can be found in the lanes of Lodi Colony Main Market.

Malls Delhi is home to some world class malls.  In the past few years malls have arriveed on the scene.   They stock high end India and western fashion and consumer good retailers, and there’s plenty of stores selling everyday items in these churches of consumerism.  There’s some surprisingly good food courts and restaurants in the malls too

Malcha Marg Market This is the closest market for the diplomatic crowd living in Chanakyapuri. It’s not a market that will bowl you over, but it offers bit and pieces that make life a little bit easier.

Mehar Chand Market – Mehar Chand Market, Lodi Colony (unimaginatively called 5th Avenue on the street signage) is home to some of the coolest shops and the hottest eateries in the capital. It’s another South Delhi market where you should shop, eat and be seen.

Sarojini Najar – Sarojini Nagar, known as SN to its fans, is where to head if your after clothes, fabrics, handbags and jewellery.  It’s busy. It’s bustling.  But that’s because there are bargains to be had.

Yashwant Place – Inaugrated by Shri V V Giri, the Vice President of India in 1969, Yaswant Place is a complex that is starting to show its age. Brutalism has its fans, but maintenance is important when it comes to making a shopping complex made out concrete remain appealing.

We are a work in progress, there’s more markets to be added and we’ll be working on this list.  Come back to see what’s new.

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